High highs and low lows

Lolo Zouai keeps things simple for “High Highs to Low Lows” video

high highs and low lows

From my debut album High Highs to Low Lows Get the album now: https:// alqurumresort.com Tour Tickets.

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After working a string of service jobs for years, the year-old French-Algerian singer-songwriter is riding the wave of her major-label debut album, High Highs to Low Lows , which was released last month to critical acclaim. The album's 12 songs chronicle the journey of a singer who has stuck with it, from minimum-wage purgatory to learning to love her flaws. There, a queen dressed like Miss Universe performed the album's cinematic and autobiographical title track. And I must say, her lyric, "They all think it's Gucci but it's 99 cents, I swear," plays pretty well to a crowd enthralled both by high-camp entertainment and rags-to-riches mythbusting. Meet 15 of Them.

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The High Highs the Low Lows

The year old singer's debut album, High Highs to Low Lows, is full of pop hooks and casual brags, yet Zouai sounds most proud—and.
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Led by Steve Koester , Koester 's sophomore record, The High Highs the Low Lows , is a contemporary space rock trip through territory similar to that covered by Spiritualized , Radiohead , and Sparklehorse. Even when traversing the self-described "high highs," the music tends toward the mopey side of things. Koester 's voice rides atop a dark band, with synthesizers and sound effects providing mid-range drones underneath. The music borders on druggy, though it never quite surrenders to abandon, which is both a blessing and a curse. The High Highs the Low Lows is carefully controlled and meticulously constructed, though it never quite finds its way to peaks or valleys. There is precious little chaos.



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