Are lyle and catherine still together

Are Southern Charm Savannah's Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie Still Together?

are lyle and catherine still together

They've dated for nearly 17 years, but can Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie's relationship recover after she denied his proposal? Catherine Cooper’s relationship with Lyle Mackenzie has been in a state of limbo since she turned down his marriage proposal on the Southern Charm.

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But Cooper really wants another chance. What do you want from me? The pair have been been dating since high school and have certainly had their ups and downs over the course of the lengthy relationship. Contributing to their issues? The fact that most of their time has been spent apart, with Mackenzie only moving back to Savannah last year after spending a decade living in Atlanta. Five weeks after the move, he proposed — a gesture that was too soon for Cooper.

You guys, if you are like me and find yourself obsessing over the vibe on Bravo's reality series, Southern Charm , I have great news for you. Andy Cohen and the powers that be have decided to satiate fans' need for southern hospitality by creating a spinoff series, Southern Charm: Savannah. Viewers will be heading down to Georgia to follow another group of fancy Southern belles and gents, but, this time around, there are some serious relationships already established within the group. So, are Catherine and Lyle still together? In an interview with Bustle's Allyson Koerner ahead of the premiere, Catherine declined to elaborate on their current status, but did hint at their trajectory this season. I have to be honest, this cast is proving to be extremely difficult to keep tabs on post-show, much to the chagrin of internet sleuths like me.

Southern Charm Savannah Season 3: Is Lyle Mackenzie dating a Bravo producer?

Southern: Charm Savannah stars Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie's relationship first took off in high school, a fact fans are frequently reminded of on the show.
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    Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie have been the will-they-or-won't-they couple of this season of Southern Charm Savannah.

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