Lyme disease and hair loss


lyme disease and hair loss

Generalized hair loss, as well, has been described in Lyme disease patients. [7] Diffuse alopecia occurred within three months after the.

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When I see strands of hair fall to the ground or what sometimes coats the comb after brushing, it leaves me with a bit of fear due to what happened during my health journey that culminated years after my Lyme disease diagnosis. The hair loss that I experienced was a huge side effect of what was going on in my body, but it truly took a large toll on my entire being: mind, body, and spirit. Hair is hair, but as women, and men, a lot of identity lies within each strand of hair and, as silly as it seems, it's the truth. I want to share this with you all to let you know that your body and your hair wants to and can regenerate. My passion for health and nutrition had grown infinitely throughout my health journey, and as a result I was able to use the knowledge I had acquired in self-study to treat myself. A year after the hair loss had stopped, I began to see the beginnings of tremendous growth. Baby hairs started to sprout, and I looked like a newborn with all this fresh hair regrowing!

Author: Sarah. Due to a number of recent celebrity diagnoses, Lyme Disease is currently under the media spotlight. In some cases, these temporary conditions can also spark or exacerbate any underlying genetic hair loss. This causes hair to shed from all over the head up to three months later, leaving hair looking thinner and often more brittle than before. Ensuring your body receives the necessary nutritional support for healthy hair growth is important.

Lyme disease is caused by the bite of a tick. The ticks become infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi after biting deer. Many symptoms arise from this disease, and hair loss is common. Hair from the head and even eyebrows can fall out. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics, and usually the hair will return after treatment. Symptoms of Lyme disease usually start with a round, red swelling at the site of the tick bite.

As celebrity sufferers like Ashley Olsen, Avril Lavigne and Yolanda Foster bring awareness to Lyme Disease, we look at how this illness can cause hair loss and .
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Lyme never comes alone. Besides the co-infections, the people infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi may experience a myriad of symptoms, from those specific to the illness to some unexpected ones. Each day brings a new struggle. The Lyme journey is anything but boring! As if dealing with a multitude of symptoms on a daily basis was not challenging enough, Lyme sufferers have to overcome other disheartening problems such as hair loss or nailbreaking.

For starters, in this article, you can discover how Lyme Disease and hair loss may be related. Second, Lyme disease is a serious illness that can be hard to diagnose and can even cause hair loss. In addition, Lyme disease and hair loss can be caused by the bite of a single, infected tick. It brings with it a list of horrifying symptoms and the road to recovery is long. The American Journal of Dermatopathology recently outlined the case of a year-old male who suffered a tick bite to the scalp.

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