Henry and the wishing tree

Henry and the Wishing Tree

henry and the wishing tree

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I'm Honestly not a fan of this episode, but i don't think it's the worst episode of the season, and I do have to give it credit for having the Moral: Be careful what you wish for. Tuesday, 26 February S8 Ep. Henry wishes to pull the express like Gordon and in the forest, Henry spotted an old wishing tree and is to make a wish that he can pull the express like Gordon. However things turned for the worst, Henry was bad at pulling the express and it turns out Gordon was in need of a new boiler. Henry now wished he can pull trucks again, until the Fat Controller told him that Gordon will be back the next day. Many fans have found this episode to be bad, but to be honest I found this episode OK.

Next Episode Previous Episode. Henry wishes he could pull passenger trains like Gordon instead of log trucks. However, Henry comes upon a Wishing Tree which Sodor's children regulary visit later on that day Who was the Episode MVP? Episode Discussion. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions.

Another Thomas rewrite, this time it's "Henry and the Wishing Tree" from Season 8, with added lines by tate Enjoy and comment. It was summertime on the Island of Sodor. Gordon was busy pulling lots of tourists and passengers on the Express. Henry was pulling freight cars in the forest.

Henry enjoys working in the forest, but sometimes it can be lonely, hence the like of seeing passengers boarding Gordon's express at Knapford. Unimpressed, Gordon snootily orders Henry to keep his train away from the passengers. Saddened, Henry wishes that he could pull passengers, just for a change. Later, Henry stops at the water tower on the outskirts of the forest. Strangely, the children are standing near one of the trees. Henry asks Thomas what they are doing, to which he tells Henry that they are probably making a wish on the old Sodor wishing tree.

The Wishing Tree

Henry and the wishing tree. Thomas and Friends.

Henry and the Wishing Tree(Chinese Edition)

Henry and the Wishing Tree - US. Franklin Dyer. How to Grill Chicken. Uploaded by TTTEpisodes1 on It was summertime on the Island of Sodor. Gordon pulled the express. It was very busy, but Gordon loved the hustle and bustle.



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    Henry and the Wishing Tree is the fourth episode of the eighth series. Henry enjoys working in the forest, but sometimes it can be lonely, hence the like of seeing.

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