Gabi coffee and bakery las vegas

Gabi Coffee & Bakery

gabi coffee and bakery las vegas


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Could there be a sweeter time to call Las Vegas home? Here are three ways to sample baked beauties and coffee inspired by Korea, France and Italy without leaving town. The shop includes an indoor greenhouse roasting room, trees, an eclectic mix of furniture, Asian art and even a tiered bookshelf with slide and stairs where patrons can sit. Meticulously crafted colorful pastries, cakes, cookies and other treats are baked fresh on-site and curated to pair with the coffee. Sandwiches, salads savories and tea also are offered. The goodies are so gorgeous that photographs must be snapped before any bites are taken. The family-owned-restaurant in Henderson serves simple Italian food, wine and beer, and has been the go-to spot for Sicilian-inspired cuisine since

Howard Bryman April 24, The shop does, however, take some inspiration from contemporary Korean cinema, while a groundbreaking Korean-made Stronghold S7 roaster helps fuel the coffee program. The story focuses on a pair of lovers who are baristas as well as swindlers. Upon entering, customers are given an immediate view into the roasting room, where the S7 gleams with contrasting modernity. It allows any level of roast at any time. The internal temperature and the temperature of the drum wall itself are measured and can be controlled, and it reacts to different heat demands quickly and reliably.

The segment of a Chinatown strip mall between a Korean barbecue joint and a Taiwanese tea bar bears no big sign or marquee, not even a window decal. A glass atrium stands at the center of the room, flanked by towering trees. The movie, set in the early s, tells the true story of how King Gojong was the first person to taste coffee in Korea and how the drink was used in an assassination attempt. Inside the atrium, bakers maneuver around potted plants making croissants, green tea buns and small cakes. The space is also where Gabi roasts coffee beans, opting for Korean-style medium and medium-dark roasts. The lighter roast produces a more aromatic and full-bodied flavor than a traditional dark roast, and an acidity that Lee says medium roast novices may find sour at first.

Let's get the negatives out of the way--Service: bad, prices: high, ambiance: chaotic, parking: sparse. Now for the positives: Food delicious, decor charming, bathroom clean. Not sure: child friendly. Getting too popular for its own good: my first time there, at lunch on a weekday, This is an unusual coffee place Off-Strip. I ordered a lovely salad and croissant and coffee. A bit pricey but the food was yummy.

Gabi Coffee & Bakery - Las Vegas

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Gabi Coffee & Bakery Brings 1920s Korea to Las Vegas

Nothing makes me happier than when I get an email, text message, or phone call from someone asking me for restaurant or food recommendations. Whatever brings me to Vegas, work or pleasure, Spring Mountain Road always beckons me. It calls to me. Spring Mountain Road is often my first, and always my last stop in Sin City. And lately, the hidden gems not easily found by the tepid tourist are the joints I seek out. A delightful breakfast and lunch spot focused on specialty coffees and premium desserts, it is a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy.

I've been hearing a lot about this little cafe the last couple of weeks so I had to check it out. It's in a little strip mall on the outskirts of China Town and there's no signage speakeasy style ; but if you google it you'll get directions and arrive at this large antique wooden door in an unassuming strip mall. Don't judge a book by it's cover because this is the best little coffee shop in Las Vegas! It was busy when we arrived but it was a Sunday and Father's day to boot! A very cool and unique coffee shop.. They have been open only a couple of months, but word of mouth has spread!!!


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