Professional codes of conduct in health and social care

Information for care workers

professional codes of conduct in health and social care


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It's based on current legal requirements and professional best practice and was published on 20 July by the Information Governance Alliance IGA. Appendix 3 of the Code contains the detailed retention schedules. It sets out how long records should be retained, either due to their ongoing administrative value or as a result of statutory requirement. Any organisation that collects, analyses, publishes or disseminates confidential health and care information must follow the Code of practice on confidential information. It clearly defines the steps that organisations must, should and may take to ensure that confidential information is handled appropriately.

The Code of Ethics states the values and ethical principles on which the profession is based. The Association has a duty to ensure as far as possible that its members discharge their ethical obligations and are afforded the professional rights necessary for the safeguarding and promotion of the rights of people who use social work services. People who use social work services may be individuals children, young people or adults , families or other groups or communities. Social workers have a responsibility to promote and work to the Code of Ethics in carrying out their obligations to people who use social work services, to their employers, to one another, to colleagues in other disciplines and to society. The Association commends and promotes the Code of Ethics to all social workers, educators and employers of social workers in the UK.

Croner-i is a comprehensive knowledge and resource platform that enables professionals to stay ahead of change in their industry, with legislation, trends and best practice. Call to learn more. The two documents are intended to be used together. The Code is based on similar codes produced for healthcare support workers in Scotland and Wales. All the other UK countries have codes for employers and workers, as well as having separate codes for health and social care respectively. In Scotland and Northern Ireland the Codes of Practice are integral to the registration schemes that are being developed there.

It outlines the behaviours and attitudes that people who need care and support should rightly expect. The Code of Conduct describes how a support worker should behave and the Care Certificate describes the minimum things they must know and be able to do. The Code of Conduct. You could use the code to inform objective setting, personal development reviews, investigation and complaints procedures. Our channels. Sign up for updates.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct expected of healthcare support workers and adult social care workers. It outlines the behaviour and attitudes.
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