Slow burn mac and devin

A Few Brief Thoughts About ‘Mac and Devin Go to High School’

slow burn mac and devin

Snoop Dogg On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

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Do you remember that instructional paperclip character from MS Office? The joint is voiced by Mystikal, who is apparently releasing a new album with Cash Money this year, and who was arrested in May on violating probation, then released in August, and in the interim was tried on charges of domestic abuse battery, which in many ways echoed his pleading guilty to sexual battery and extortion back in Just so you have an idea what kind of person is doing character voices. Are you sober and sitting down to watch this movie? Unsettling as it is, even Slow Burn is smoking himself. In embodying the tropes and archetypes of the movies it blatantly owes its existence to, it just continuously proves how inept it is at doing anything worthwhile. Which means it seems both familiar and anachronistic, and is also unapologetically racist.

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The film was directed by Dylan Brown and stars rappers Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa in his film debut in the title roles, along with Mike Epps , Teairra Mari , Andy Milonakis , Luenell in supporting roles and the voice of Mystikal in a guest appearance.
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These opportunistic low-budget genre movies were born of the same hustling, entrepreneurial spirit that launched a hundred legendary hip-hop labels, but the results were infinitely less inspired. Oftentimes, these movies were part of the same hustle that birthed record labels, compilations, and a thousand other low-budget dreams. Before these artists had scored even a modest regional hit, they already had their multimedia plan for global domination perfected. In that respect, these movies were merely a means to an end, an extension of a brand rather than genuine creative expression. They were a hustle, plain and simple, cynically executed for the purpose of a cheap buck. But there was also a strange glory to the shamelessness of these dodgy bottom-feeders.

The premise of this movie is that Mac Snoop , a year high school senior, teaches class valedictorian Devin Wiz how to life and have fun so he can write a meaningful graduation speech. As others have pointed out, this is a pretty horrible move. Without saying too much, it fails to be even the kind of stupid fun one might get from a How High or that Jon Lovitz teacher movie, which made me laugh my balls off as a kid. That was fun. This derision from the plot is goofy, but more importantly, it makes Mac and Devin the Moby Dick of weed movies. I mean, have you read Mody Dick? View all posts by Nate.

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