Usps drug test and background check

None, only asks if your currently working and what shift

usps drug test and background check

questions and answers about United States Postal Service Drug Test. He had his drug screen & background check done about a week ago & his.

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Hi this info was really helpful thank you. I saw a w4 form in the package not sure y thats not usually filled out untill u actually have the position any idea y? Also what exactly do u do for the interview being that u stated they didnt ask any questions. What should i expect specifically? I didn't remember em having us fill out the w form, but they had us fill out the i-9 form which is the IDs. I didn't know that we already had the job, it's just the matter of being able to win the empty spot b4 it gets taken by the people in front of u with the higher test scores.

Welcome Guest! I know after I interviewed they did a background check on three of us and only one got a job. It took about a week and a half to find out. After that I had a drug test, vision test, health background and more paperwork than you can imagine. Put it this way, I was offered a job around April 15th and didn't get to go to training until June 6th. I had heard from one of my supervisors, that they merged the two exams for city carrier, clerk, and mail-handler and for rural carrier associate together. But, they could have been wrong.

Hiring officials should make no inquiry regarding the applicant without having the applicant complete the following:. PS Forms A and D are collected electronically in connection with preemployment screening requests for motor vehicle abstracts, and criminal background checks, and PS Form B is collected electronically for drug testing. Completed hard copies of PS Forms A, B, and D are required for any screenings performed outside of the applicant tracking system i. If the applicant fails to complete PS Form A, B, or D, then the hiring official may be unable to make a suitability determination. No applicant will be admitted to an entrance examination without photo ID. The ID must be:.

Welcome Guest! I interviewed with USPS on Oct 7 for an HR position and was told they were "moving quickly" in the hiring process, and that anyone who they wanted to hire would receive an email regarding the background check and drug test. I got those emails the following day the 8th and did my drug test and gave background check consent the same day. It is now the 21st and I have not heard back, and my application status on the USPS website still says "Pre-screening. I am really hoping to get the job with USPS, and expected to have heard from them by now.

The pre-employment drug test is mandatory for every applicant regardless of the postal service job. The applicant is required to give a drug test no sooner than three months prior to the hiring date. Only those individuals that pass the drug test are inducted as employees. A drug test at the USPS consists of urinalyses. It is required once the prospective employee has passed the required postal exam, and cleared the interview.

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Questions and Answers about United States Postal Service Drug Test

Asked February 7, Answered July 8, Asked January 12, Answered November 13, When I came into the Post Office, background and drug screening were not a criteria. Answered January 19, Asked December 23,

The Postal Service is committed to providing a drug—free workplace. Applicants are asked on job applications whether they are currently engaged in the illegal use of drugs, which include the use of drugs made illegal under federal law unless prescribed by a physician. A yes answer makes the applicant ineligible for postal employment. A no answer allows the hiring process to proceed. Note: The Postal Service applies federal law to determine whether drug use is illegal, even if a state or local law permits such use. Inquiries can be made after the job offer see 57 , Medical Suitability.

Here's what people have asked and answered about working for and interviewing at United States Postal Service. Asked October 7, I applied on october 13 and i just started on may 24 th Called for interview January 22nd drug test 25th and called me on may 18th to start on 25th Answered May 31,





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