8 month old fell off bed and hit head

What to Do When Baby Falls Off the Bed

8 month old fell off bed and hit head

A baby falling off a bed can be frightening, but in most cases, it does not cause Moving a baby with a head or spine injury can cause serious.

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After a two-foot fall from a queen-sized bed left her infant son in critical condition, one mom has taken to social media to share just how scary these types of accidents can be. But the situation quickly turned tragic when Colton rolled off the bed and fell two feet to the floor. Because we are paranoid parents, we decided to get him evaluated. Because Paige and Blake had always heard that a bump that sticks out isn't as concerning as one that sinks in, and Colton had the former, they expected the doctor to give Colton a quick look over, say he was fine, and send them home. Before Paige knew it, a helicopter was on its way to rush Colton to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee where he was put under the care of nearly 20 doctors and nurses. Over the next month, Colton underwent surgery and an MRI revealed significant brain damage that doctors predicted would leave him in a vegetative state, if he survived at all. Paige tells GoodHousekeeping.

By Bonnie Schiedel Mar 21, Photo: iStockphoto. What should you do? If anything seems off, call your doctor or a public health hotline or head to the emergency room. And, of course, if something is drastically amiss, like they lose consciousness or have a seizure or if a bone is through the skin, call an ambulance.

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Although your baby may be small, kicking legs and flailing arms can bring several hazards, including the risk of falling. Falls from an adult bed not only could harm your baby from an impact to the floor. Your baby could also land on items like clothing, soft bedding, or plastic bags. While prevention is truly the best way to avoid these occurrences, accidents can and do happen. If your baby falls off the bed, there are several checks you should make to ensure they receive prompt and appropriate care. They may appear limp or sleeping, then usually resume consciousness rather quickly.

If your baby falls or is dropped, do you need to take them to the ER? If they have a head injury or broken bone, or are having a seizure, the answer is definitely yes. Here are signs to look for. You cover all the sharp edges on your furniture. You plug all the electrical sockets, latch all the drawers and block off the staircase. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center.

What to do after a baby falls

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What to do if your baby falls off the bed




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Falls: What to do when a baby or toddler gets a bump on the head. Find out My 7 month old baby fell from the bed this morning! The fall was only about a foot and a half but she hit her head on the handle of the carrier.
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    If your baby appears to have a serious head injury, such as visible signs of bleeding or You should call your doctor after any fall from a bed if your baby is under 1 year old. If you don't For example, a 6-month-old baby may not babble. A concussion isn't the only injury that can occur after falling. 8 sources collapsed.

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