The science of stage fright and how to overcome it

Stage Fright – and How to Overcome It

the science of stage fright and how to overcome it

Heart racing, palms sweating, labored breathing? No, you’re not having a heart attack -- it’s stage fright! Mikael Cho advises how to trick your brain and steal the show.

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People experience stage fright in all sorts of ways. And, most unfortunately, some experience a severe and paralyzing nausea. Everyone experiences some level of nervousness before speaking in front of an audience and everyone has to figure out their own way to overcome and conquer the feeling. It may not go away entirely, nor should it, but knowing how to diminish it and make it work for you is essential for any public speaker. Before I speak in front of a group of 5 or , I get the pre-stage jitters just like anyone else. However, I know that some people enjoy the more scientific approach to dealing with stage fright myself included.

Stage fright or performance anxiety is the anxiety , fear , or persistent phobia which may be aroused in an individual by the requirement to perform in front of an audience , whether actually or potentially for example, when performing before a camera. Performing in front of an unknown audience can cause significantly more anxiety than performing in front of familiar faces. In some cases, the person will suffer no such fright from this, while they might suffer from not knowing who they're performing to. In the context of public speaking, this may precede or accompany participation in any activity involving public self-presentation. In some cases stage fright may be a part of a larger pattern of social phobia social anxiety disorder , but many people experience stage fright without any wider problems. Quite often, stage fright arises in a mere anticipation of a performance, often a long time ahead.

Heart racing. You know the feeling of stage fright. Learn the science behind why it happens and what you can do to get over stage fright.
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Public speaking is one of our most common fears, topping flying, financial ruin, sickness, and even death. The fear can get so bad that people become physically ill before getting on stage. But this fear — often called performance anxiety or stage fright — extends beyond the pressure to perform in the moment. It's about the underlying social psychology of exposing oneself to an audience. It's this vulnerability that sets off an entire cascade of physiological processes throughout the body in a defense mechanism that at one time served an important evolutionary purpose. If this wasn't pressure enough, the day before my presentation I learned that one of my longtime heros, cognitive scientist Marvin Minsky, was going to be in the audience.

Stage fright

Most thespians used stage fright as a kind of stimulus to give their best performance. If you feel butterflies in your stomach before any public appearance, your reaction is not anything out of the ordinary.

Fear of public speaking? What's in your brain

Understanding the science of stage fright can also help ease the fear. . First, people with stage fright shouldn't feel that they have to get over it.
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    Public speaking is said to be the biggest fear reported by many American adults, topping flying, financial ruin, sickness, and even death.

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