Lou reed sweet jane live rock and roll animal

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lou reed sweet jane live rock and roll animal

Rock n Roll Animal is a live album by American musician Lou Reed, released in February opulence and Reed sings out most of the songs in his effective street-talk style. Animal, coming first, naturally contains the best performances (" Intro/Sweet Jane," "White Light/White Heat," the first half of "Rock 'n' Roll").".

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When the intro has faded and he gets ready to make his first tentative step into the scale, you can almost feel the tension on the recording. Those last nanoseconds before he attempts to sing are often excruciating. You can do it! There was something about Lou Reed that made me like the guy, no matter how many times he wobbled on a note, no matter how many melodies he left for dead. Lou Reed was not only a great songwriter, but also had a fabulous sense of compositional structure.

It was also the last Velvet Underground album I bought and listened to on my quest — 15 years after its original release, and in the flush of my teen rock-geek years — to own every note this band every recorded. For some reason, "Loaded" was the hardest one to track down. Worse, Reed appears in the video:. But when I finally found a copy of "Loaded" in college, I realized what I had been missing. But it was almost immediately clear to me what I had been truly missing all these years. One in person where I, starving, had to watch him eat some kind of sauce-covered cutlet slowly while we discussed "Berlin.

The song was written by Lou Reed , the band's leader, who continued to incorporate the piece into live performances as a solo artist. When Loaded was originally released in , the song's bridge was cut. Ann's Warehouse. There are two distinct versions of "Sweet Jane" with minor variations, spread over its first four releases. The first release of the song in November was a version recorded earlier that year and included on Loaded. In May , a live version recorded in August appeared on the Velvet Underground's Live at Max's Kansas City ; this had an additional bridge that was missing from the Loaded release. In February , a live version recorded in December similar to the Loaded version but with extended "intro" and hard rock sound , appeared on Reed's Rock 'n' Roll Animal.

Lou Reed , who died Sunday at 71 , left behind four decades of experimental rock and roll, sometimes simplistic and powerful, other times shrill, improvisational, punishing. He could be grumpy and uncooperative onstage, but mostly he just liked to pick up his guitar and rock, from his days with the Velvet Underground to more recent shows with sympathetic sidemen such as bassist Fernando Saunders and singer Antony. Crank these videos from drastically different phases of his career while toasting Reed with his lyrics from "There's a bit of magic in everything. And some loss to even things out. Read Rolling Stone 's Lou Reed obituary. The footage is mostly blurry, colorful lights, but you can see glimpses of the Velvet Underground in the shadows, including the late, great singer-model Nico, as the band plays "Heroin," "Venus in Furs" and "I'll Be Your Mirror. Jonathan Richman, who would soon form the Modern Lovers, caught this January concert at a club in Boston and later wrote: "Sometimes you just plain couldn't figure out where on the stage those strange sounds and harmonics were coming from, because of the eerie calm with which they played and improvised in front of you.

In its original form, it features five songs, four of which are songs by the Velvet Underground. The two guitarists would later form the basis of the second Alice Cooper band, beginning on Welcome to My Nightmare , which also features Glan and John. A sleeper hit , it peaked at No. Paul Nelson of Rolling Stone magazine was in attendance that night. Writing about Rock n Roll Animal and its sequel, Lou Reed Live , which were both recorded at the same show, he recalled: "As it happens, I had seen Reed and a mediocre pickup band at Lincoln Center some months earlier in his first New York non-Velvets appearance and he was tragic in every sense of the word. And it was, as one can judge from the resultant albums. Reviewing in Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums of the Seventies , Robert Christgau said, "At its best, Reed's live music brings the Velvets into the arena in a clean redefinition of heavy, thrilling without threatening to stupefy.


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