Notary errors and omissions insurance

Errors & Omissions Insurance FAQ

notary errors and omissions insurance

Proper diligence for Errors and Omissions insurance

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For over 4 Million Notaries in America, their seals and stamps are a solemn tool to be used with great integrity National Notary Association, Notaries are generally viewed as trustworthy individuals handling the most important documents with the entire purpose to serve as an impartial witness. On any given day a Notary Public may validate the most vital records including mortgages, deeds, wills, and power of attorney. If you were making a mistake in your Notary role, how do you plan to correct the mistake and make the customer whole again? Do you want to protect yourself from unwanted -legal expenses and lawsuits?

Your data is safe with us! Return to Notary News and Advice. The Situation: We received a call from a notary who was concerned that she may be sued as a result of an incorrectly performed notarial act. The Solution: Many states require that a notary public be bonded throughout the term of his or her commission. Obtaining the surety bond is a part of the application or renewal process. Although the surety bond is similar to an insurance product, it does not protect the notary.

What’s the Difference? Notary Bond vs Errors and Omissions Insurance What You Need to Know

Your Cookies are Disabled! - We all make mistakes, due to fatigue, distraction and being over-worked. Unfortunately, when you make a mistake as a notary, you are dealing with important and sensitive documents.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Errors & Omissions Insurance.
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    You constantly hear notary companies pushing E&O insurance, but is this like the membership deals? Do I need to do more research into different ones, and can.

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    The Truth About Notary E&O Insurance

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