When and where were the illustrated books made

Extra-illustrated books

when and where were the illustrated books made

What material was used for Nun Guda's Book of Homilies? ink on parchment. When and where were the Illustrated Books made? Germany in the early 12th.

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Posted by Ris in Dec, It could be argued that drawing and illustration came before the written word, and without doubt illustration has been around as long as the written word. Modern book illustrations are guided by a long tradition of illustration which dates back to the 15 th Century in the form of block books. These block books were produced by carving both text and images into the same wooden block. This type of book was a progression from older manuscripts that were illuminated. It was popular during the 18 th and 19 th Centuries for adult fiction to be published that had images that strongly represented the text. These books were the forefathers of the modern novel and were highly popular in Western Europe.

The illustration of manuscript books was well established in ancient times, and the tradition of the illuminated manuscript thrived in the West until the invention of printing. Other parts of the world had comparable traditions, such as the Persian miniature. Modern book illustration comes from the 15th-century woodcut illustrations that were fairly rapidly included in early printed books , and later block books. Book illustration as we now know it evolved from early European woodblock printing. In the early 15th century, playing cards were created using block printing, which was the first use of prints in a sequenced and logical order. As printing took off and books became common, printers began to use woodcuts to illustrate them. Hence, "centers for woodblock playing-card and religious-print production became centers for illustrated books.

Extra-illustrated books are published texts that have been made into a unique copy by a former owner through the permanent addition of prints, autographs, letters, etc. Typically, the additions are mounted on additional leaves, and the book is rebound to accommodate its increased thickness. Extra illustrations primarily serve as visual and verbal annotations to a text rather than decoration: the extra-illustrator identifies significant people, places, and things mentioned in the book even if only mentioned in passing , collects related material, and adds it in the appropriate spot. Folger purchased many extra-illustrated books, and the library continues to acquire them. From onwards, leaves containing added material are continuously numbered with one number per leaf or one number per title for titles covering multiple leaves this only rarely happens, e.

The appearance of illustrated books

The early history of illustrated printed books is also the history of woodcut. Woodcut illustrations long predate the mid-fifteenth-century introduction of movable type to Germany.

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