African countries and capitals quiz

Africa: capital cities quiz

african countries and capitals quiz

Countries and capitals quiz - Asia - Level: Easy

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With 52 countries, learning the geography of Africa can be a challenge. These downloadable maps of Africa make that challenge a little easier. Students can prepare by using the downloadable map with country labels. You can also practice online using our online map games. S: 12 Landmarks The U. Read about a few of Africa's wildest animal species!

All Quizzes. Africa Capitals Quiz Below, you will see the countries of Africa. Enter the names of their capital cities. Quiz by Quizmaster. Profile Quizzes Subscribed Subscribe? Enter capital city here:. The quiz is paused.

Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! You can access the Seterra online quiz site using your computer, phone, or tablet running the latest version of most web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The Seterra app offers two game modes, plus high score lists to keep track of your progress. Also, with the app, you can play offline! The Burundi president named Gitega to be the nation's capital. Read about a few of Africa's wildest animal species!

No multiple choice, no keyboard, and, best of all…No word scrambles! Perfect for students, teachers, and anyone wishing to learn African countries, capitals, and flags using a fun and interactive method. A single In-App Purchase unlocks the full version. A star system tracks your progress in each mode! Credit for sound effects: Shawshank73 www.

Africa Capitals Quiz

Countries and capitals quiz - Europe - Level: Difficult

The Countries of Africa

Click on an area on the map to answer the questions. If you are signed in, your score will be saved and you can keep track of your progress. This quiz is customizable - you can create your own copy of the quiz and pick the locations you want. Read more about customizable geography map quizzes. Customize this quiz.





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