Lesson 3 problem solving practice add and subtract integers

Integer Subtraction

lesson 3 problem solving practice add and subtract integers

adding and subtracting integer word problems

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Please see my instructional strategy clip for how openers work in my classroom Instructional Strategy - Process for openers. Most students enjoy the opportunity to color, and in this activity students will uncover a hidden picture as they color their answers the appropriate hues. The Adding and Subtracting Word Problems Color Questions in the activity require that students make sense of problems and show work in different ways - drawing pictures, writing expressions mathematical practices 1 and 2. Additionally, students will use mathematical expressions to model real world scenarios mathematical practice 4. Exit Problems : To summarize this lesson, I am going to have students complete 4 exit problems on the back of their opener. The purpose of the problems will be for me to get one final sense of who still needs interventions before the upcoming test. In the next lesson students will be engaged in a group activity, and I want to make sure give students all the help that they need.

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Each answer should be given as a positive or a negative integer. Do not enter commas in your answers. Does it make sense for the problem? When subtracting integers, be sure to subtract the smaller integer from the larger integer. The smaller integer is farther to the left on the number line.

If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Math Arithmetic Negative numbers Intro to subtracting negative numbers. Practice: Understand subtraction as adding the opposite. Practice: Subtracting negative numbers. Subtracting negative numbers review.

Subtracting Integers Problem Solving Classwork 10.21.15

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Challenge Exercises Integer Word Problems









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