Bob from suite life of zack and cody now

bob from suite life of zack and cody now

The Suite Life on Deck - Then and Now - Disney Channel UK

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He has not starred in anything since , when he started focusing on his education. According to his Instagram , he's "got a lot of things in the works for Like his twin, Cole also attended NYU after wrapping up filming of Suite Life and graduated alongside him last spring. Also like his brother, he did not accept any roles during that time. However, it seems he prefers to keep things home-centric, quoting in his Instagram bio, "acting is my profession but family is my life.

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The twins lived in the Tipton Hotel, because their mother was the lounge singer. With the help of some of the hotel's wacky employees, hijinks ensued and often landed the kids in trouble. It's been 11 years since the show ended, so here's what the cast has been up to since. He opened the brewery All-Wise Meadery , with two business partners, in She's currently dating her "Changeland" costar Macaulay Culkin. She had a recurring role on "Station 19" and was on some shows including "Scandal," "Pure Genius," and "Superstore. You may have recently seen her in the Netflix thriller "Secret Obsession.

Chelsea, Barbara, and Bob visit the S. Cody is worried about how he's going to tell Barbara about his feelings for Bailey, but Barbara has to dump Cody because she and Bob are now dating.
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Well, it's official: we're old. It's been a decade since we first checked into the Tipton Hotel. To honor this momentous and super depressing, TBH occasion, we decided to track the whereabouts of our favorite Tipton Hotel residents. So here's what the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" cast is up to in Dylan Sprouse , "Zack Martin".

What has the cast of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody been up to?

How exciting would it be to grow up in a hotel? So what have the stars of The Suite Life, who have all had years to move on from the show and do their own thing, been up to since?, If you haven't been keeping up with the show, here's a refresher of the general premise: twins, Zack and Cody, moved into the Tipton Hotel when their mom, Carey, when she got a job at the hotel as their lounge singer. These twins got to live out every kid's dream.

Zack Martin

He is typically the unstudious, outgoing, rebellious, self-centered and often the lazy twin, who is often seen wearing skater clothes. Academically, he is a straight "D" student, though he shows a great interest for wood shop—the class in which he is the best student. Tipton , but they broke up in the series finale, " Graduation on Deck. Born ten minutes before his identical twin brother, Cody, Zack was born at St. Joseph's Hospital known now as St. He traveled the nation with Cody and his mother Carey before finally settling into the Tipton Hotel as seen in the first episode of the series, " Hotel Hangout.



WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The cast of 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody' 11 years later






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