Coconut oil and stretch marks

Why Coconut Oil Helps in Stretch Marks & How to Use It?

coconut oil and stretch marks

DIY Stretch Mark Cream - My REAL Results - Progression Video

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For many new mommies, that often leads to search for the best stretch mark cream. Stretch marks often develop on both men and women during puberty due to rapid growing which leads to their skin being pulled and stretched. This leads to fine line scars which are commonly referred to as stretch marks. Unfortunately, ladies, you are more likely to develop stretch marks over time than men are. And, the fact of the matter is that the growth your body experiences during pregnancy can lead to additional stretch marks in these same common areas.

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Aloe Vera keeps your skin moist, which is important for treating your skin fast and effectively.
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Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid comprised of free fatty acids, including lauric acid and capric acid. It has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Coconut oil absorbs easily into skin, where it may prevent free radical damage. It may also improve the quality and overall appearance of dry, damaged skin. Commercially available coconut oils can vary significantly in quality.

Stretch marks are the abrupt scars or marks on the skin, ranging from red, white to off-white in color. These stretch marks are often a result of stretching of skin associated with rapid weight changes. These marks are caused tearing of the dermis layer of the skin, which with time and medication might get reduced or diminished, but does not completely eliminate. The glucocorticoid hormone present in the body is responsible for the formation of stretch marks by preventing the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibers. Coconut oil contains vitamin E as anti-oxidants which help in reducing stretch marks. The oil heals the stretch marks by restoring the elasticity of the skin. Since coconut oil is absorbed more deeply and hence shows a more positive effect than other oils.

Let me introduce you to my new secret weapon: Coconut oil! I know, I know, am I the last person to discover how amazing this stuff is? Plus, I have been religiously rubbing my ever-growing belly to prevent stretch marks and help the old ones. At 30 weeks, using coconut oil for stretch marks is working! I keep the jar on the bathroom counter so the heat from the shower helps soften and melt the oil. Massage into the skin to help prevent and diminish stretch marks.

Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks

What essential oils are good for preventing stretch marks?

I mean, I just think that bodies in general are great and magical and wonderful, no matter what. And I felt that way especially when I was pregnant. And appear, they did! At first they came in very slowly, just a couple of tiny red lines to remind me that my middle was expanding. Then towards the end of my pregnancy, they completely took over my abdomen. So when the idea was presented to me to try coconut oil on my stretch marks , I jumped on it.

Coconut oil is amazing in so many ways. It has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, along with anti-microbial properties, which make it a smart choice for many skin conditions, including stretch marks.
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