Ministry of legal affairs laws of trinidad and tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

ministry of legal affairs laws of trinidad and tobago

Minister of Legal Affairs address members of the Poultry Industry Standing Committee

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Go back to country map. While the law offers some protections for women and girls, gender based violence — including rape and domestic violence — still occurs throughout the country and the NGO community in Trinidad and Tobago continues to press for improved legislation, increased funding and universal enforcement of laws. For further information and guidance for individuals from the U. The statutory law governing marriage and divorce in Trinidad and Tobago is fairly complex as it is comprised of four marriage acts, the provisions of which range in accordance with the various religions practiced in the country. Matrimonial affairs are heard by the Family Court, however, Muslim marriages are heard by a Muslim council.

The Treaties, International Agreements and Legal Division of the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs is charged with the responsibility of providing the various Divisions in the Ministry, as well as other governmental agencies and ministries, with legal advice on a variety of international law issues. The work of the Division involves analysing, preparing reports and providing opinions and advice on the signature, ratification or accession by Trinidad and Tobago of bilateral, regional and multilateral legal instruments to which Trinidad and Tobago considers becoming a party. In this regard, the Treaties, International Agreements and Legal Division negotiates maritime delimitation agreements as well as bilateral fisheries access agreements with neighbouring coastal States. Apart from lead responsibility on Law of the Sea matters, the Division also negotiates international agreements in various areas on behalf of Trinidad and Tobago in furtherance of the national interest. Read More. Consulate General in New York, U. Embassy in Washington D.

Alphabetic List of Revised Laws A. Absconding Debtors 8. Back to top. Copyright c Ministry of Legal Affairs. All rights reserved. Absconding Debtors. Accessories and Abettors.

Find legal, tax and practice information for Trinidad and Tobago, and search for branches, firms and members in the jurisdiction. If you have any comments on the report please contact editor step. Civil asset recovery has been used as a mechanism in other countries to address organised crime.
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It is a right granted by the state to the owner to stop others from manufacturing, using, importing and trading the protected technology. An Industrial Design is the ornamental aspect of a useful article. This ornamental aspect may be constituted by elements…. Refers to laws that regulate the use of the work of a creator, such as an artist or author. This includes copying, distributing…. A Trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source…. An integrated circuit is a miniature electrical circuit containing electronic devices, some or all….

Providing easy access to the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago from to This website is owned by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. This site enables not only point-in-time searching which allows the law to be viewed at specified times in consolidated form but also gives access to the amending legislation which would have altered the laws over time. An interesting and notable feature of the site is that it includes those available volumes of the Federal Laws which would have been applicable to Trinidad and Tobago during the years of the West Indian Federation. The website is built with the purpose of managing and preserving pieces of legislation from past, present and future while making the laws accessible to users. A number of flat user interface components with a clean style that are fully responsive and puts mobile devices first, are used in the design.

Ministry of Legal Affairs

Trinidad and Tobago Law and Legal Research. By Catherine A. -


LAWS OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – Companies Act Chapter 81:01


Divisions of the Ministry of Legal Affairs Revised Laws of Trinidad and Tobago · IPO Online (Trade Mark Searches) · Digital Legislative Library · RPA Online.
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