Jeffree star and his boyfriend

Jeffree Star boyfriend Nathan Schwandt: age, height, brother, sexuality

jeffree star and his boyfriend

Jeffree Star makes a shocking Revelation about the true identity of his mom . He is in a live-in relationship with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt who is an.


The donning hot-pink haired singer with a heavily-done eye makeup is one of the many artists who has achieved great success with his singing talent as well as his makeup tutorials. Nathan Schwandt is a Michigan-born Instagram star best known as the boyfriend of a renowned pop singer Jeffree Star. Schwandt was born on August 18, with an American nationality. Information about his parents and family is not yet disclosed but we know of his younger brother Zach who is also a social media personality. Nathan Schwandt has also not disclosed information about his educational background including his high school, college and University. All we know is that he is quite educated in some sort. He then opened an account on Instagram which now became the root of his fame.

As the years go on, fans are becoming more obsessed with Jeffree Star. Starting out as a pop sensation, Jeffree has now cemented himself as a makeup mogul and style icon with an army of followers, which means that any relationship he enters into immediately becomes incredibly high profile.
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At a first glance, Jeffree Star passes as a lady, until you look closer and realize that he is actually a man. He is an American make-up artist, YouTube star, musician, fashion designer, and a successful entrepreneur. Jeffree Star is the founder and owner of the multi-million dollar cosmetic brand titled Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His electrifying persona with heavily done eye makeup has earned him a large fan base attracted by his outstanding skills and talents. He is also a popular YouTuber and boasts of a whopping 15 million subscribers on his self-titled channel.

A glimpse at the picture of Jeffree Star would make you wonder what gender he belongs to. His looks are quite deceptive and he has used that as a platform for fame moving into the world of art as a makeup artist and a musician. He also runs his own cosmetic and fashion line and has gone ahead to release a studio album in collaboration with popular music stars. With his looks, there have been questions regarding his sexual orientation and his life in general, the article below gives a clearer view of his amazing personality. He is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. Jeffree Star schooled at Pacifica High School Garden Groove California but later relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue his makeup career shortly after he graduated. He also went ahead to perform on different platforms in order to promote his music which later prompted his deal with Akon.

Regular men and women like Nathan Schwandt have risen to the top of public consciousness since the rise of social media. Ordinary people have gained popularity from merely putting their lives on the internet, from Instagram to Twitter, YouTube, and other interactive online platforms. However, the details about parents have not been shared. Jeffree Star is a famous fashion designer, songwriter, and American pop singer. To be specific through Instagram. The couple revealed by just a single weekend meeting, their relationship got more serious.

Jeffree Star Net Worth, Mom, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Is He Gay?

Just like any modern-day couple, Jeffree and Nathan met on the internet. Not only was it on the internet, but in true influencer fashion it was on Instagram., Social media is something that affects our lives significantly. Some people have got this point, and now they are creating successful careers on such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, etc.






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