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Why Are Rob Lowe And Rashida Jones Leaving 'Parks And Rec'? EP Mike Schur Says Decision Was Mutual

rob lowe parks and rec

Christopher "Chris" Traeger is a fictional character played by Rob Lowe on the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. He began on the show as an Indiana .

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With every new episode of the most-excellent current season of Parks and Recreation , fans are left to wrestle with new twists. How will Leslie Amy Poehler and Ben Adam Scott make their forbidden romance work in the heat of her political campaign? Is the Deal. Rob Lowe is not just a handsome man, but quite possibly the handsomest man. So seeing him with even one hair out of place is the equivalent of you or I literally walking around wearing a live wolverine as a hairpiece. Any explanation. Like, does Chris think long, lumpy hair protects his immune system?

After the panel for Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" at the Television Critics Association Summer press tour, Mike Schur, an executive producer of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Parks and Recreation," took some questions from reporters about how the cast exits came to pass and how they might play out. Was the decision for Jones and Lowe to leave the show mutual?
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Lowe also has two half-brothers. About Last Night Elmo's Fire. When the show premiered, Seaborn was considered the lead, and the pilot centered on the character. Vegas , but it also was quickly canceled. Although Lowe had expressed unhappiness about his decreased role on that show at the time of his departure, he has now repeatedly said that any animosity between them is over and that he was pleased to be working once more with Sorkin, whose talents as a writer Lowe highly regards. The series premiere received the highest ratings for a movie premiere in Lifetime history.

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Parks and Recreation finds its humor through its juxtaposition with its more serious predecessors. Key among these is The West Wing , the most iconic portrayal of an inside look into American government. In Pawnee, this intertextuality is most clearly seen through the utilization of actor Rob Lowe. With Lowe cast as state auditor Chris Traeger, Parks and Recreation plays on familiarity with arguably the actor's best known television role--idealistic deputy communications director Sam Seaborn.

Chris Traeger

Parks and Recreation - Rob Lowe Joins the Cast

Rob Lowe's hair: We want answers

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. Christopher "Chris" Traeger is a main character in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons and a guest star in the second and seventh seasons. Chris Traeger is very cheerful and energetic, usually leaving the hard truths to Ben Wyatt. As a baby, Chris Traeger was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and was only supposed to live for 3 weeks, but he survived and is therefore always an optimistic person.

He began on the show as an Indiana State Auditor who visits the fictional city of Pawnee to help solve their crippling budget problems, and eventually becomes Pawnee's acting City Manager. Chris is an extremely positive person who is constantly upbeat and energetic. Extremely health-conscious, he exercises constantly and eats only healthy foods, hoping to be the first human to reach the age of Chris first appeared in the second season episode " The Master Plan ". Originally expected to appear in eight episodes as a guest star, Lowe eventually signed on to remain on the show as a permanent cast member. Chris was a romantic interest for Ann Perkins Rashida Jones throughout the show's run. Chris imposes a strict policy against workplace dating at city hall, but series protagonist Leslie Knope Amy Poehler and Ben Wyatt Adam Scott begin secretly dating anyway, which Chris eventually accepts.

And while he had high praise for the actress who plays his gal-pal, Ann Perkins, Lowe couldn't resist getting in a wisecrack or two about Poehler, aka Pawnee's favorite bureaucrat, Leslie Knope. While their characters will be missed, he added, "We will probably come back. I mean, I'll always come back because I love doing that show so much. But when asked by the gap-toothed comic whether there were any hard feelings about leaving Parks and Rec , that's when Lowe facetiously blamed it all on the series star. And we're not having it. You know I have boundaries," he said.




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