Before and after cataract surgery pictures

Cataract surgery video

before and after cataract surgery pictures

Watch this video to learn what to expect if you need cataract surgery. A special surgical tool then will be used to make at least one small incision into the eye.

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After the age of 50, you may develop a cataract. You may eventually need surgery if you begin to see starbursts around lights at night or if objects are hazy during the day. This video describes the outpatient procedure that is done to remove a cataract. A transcription of the video is below. Watch this video about how cataract surgery works. Many people older than 50 develop cataracts that, in the beginning, just need to be watched.

Typical cataract surgery recovery time, what to expect after surgery, and tips for and you may need as long as a week or two before you see images in their.
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There are different kinds of cataracts , and they can develop for different reasons. These photos show a few types and stages of cataracts. Mature Cataract. One-year post-operative photo of left eye following cataract surgery. A glaucoma valve can also be seen. The patient had sustained significant blunt trauma to the eye in the past. Congenital cataract a cataract present at birth , if significant, should be removed at the earliest possible age.


An expert's guide to cataract surgery

Before & Afters

Your cataract surgery recovery should be short and uneventful, as long as you follow the post-op instructions you receive from your surgeon and attend all recommended follow-up visits with your eye doctor. Uncomplicated cataract surgery usually takes no longer than about 10 minutes to perform. Immediately after the surgery, you will rest in a recovery area until you are less groggy from sedation or anesthesia. Typically this takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You must have someone available to drive you home after the procedure. You'll be given a pair of sunglasses to wear on the trip home to protect your eye from bright light and glare. If you are sleepy or tired when you get home, you might want to rest in bed for a few hours.

How do cataracts affect your vision? Inside our eyes, we have a natural lens. The lens should be clear. With cataracts , your lens becomes cloudy. Things look blurry, hazy or less colorful with a cataract. Most age-related cataracts develop gradually.

In a healthy eye, the lens is transparent and focuses light on the retina. Over time, the lens can slowly lose the ability to let light into the eye as it becomes cloudy. A cataract is a simply lens that becomes opaque over time. When severe, the cataract must be removed because it prevents light from entering the eye and decreases vision. In the worst cases, the patient can be nearly blind due to cataracts.




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