Sensodyne pronamel strong and bright

Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Toothpaste 75Ml

sensodyne pronamel strong and bright

Unboxing Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel Extra Fresh Toothpaste

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Toothpaste, something we use every day. But does what toothpaste we use really matter? Sensodyne is not a new brand to the market, in fact I think its one we probably have all heard of. I admit, the price often has put me off. Why should I spend more on toothpaste? They all do the same thing right?

Voucher usage requires opt in to e-marketing from Ocado about ocado. Usage of service is not dependent on voucher redemption. I'm a fan of this brand. With a limited income it's expensive for me however it's on offer often so that's when I buy. First time user of this particular product but left my teeth clean with lovely minty breath. Definitely works to take away sensitivity too.

Sensodyne Pronamel Strong and Bright Enamel Toothpaste

Acids in everyday diets can weaken tooth enamel surfaces, leaving teeth looking dull and yellow and more susceptible to wear. Some whitening toothpastes contain ingredients which can inhibit strengthening of acid weakened enamel. Strong is the new white.





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