Michael schoeffling now and then

'Sixteen Candles' cast: Where are they now?

michael schoeffling now and then

Sixteen candles then and now 2019

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How can it have been 30 years since that iconic film opened in May ? Not only did the film make stars of Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and others, not only did it mark the directing debut of John Hughes, but it also became one of the signature movies of the s and the template for most high school comedies of the last 30 years. If Ringwald and her schoolmates held a 30th class reunion, these are the stories they might tell of their lives. Now 45, Ringwald has yet to announce any new projects since the five-year run of Secret Life ended in He moved to Newfoundland, Pa. Now 54, Morris has a day job as a Manhattan realtor, but she continues to act; her next film, naval drama Burning Blue , is due in theaters next month.

Read on to find out what the cast is doing today! There is immense curiosity about where Michael Schoeffling is now, and character of the s in a way that, clearly, nobody can forget. Discover ideas about Michael Schoeffling Now. Hall, and more. And today, we Michael Schoeffling Jake Ryan. Today, the.

Old American films charm with their simplicity and humour. One of such films is Sixteen Candles. If you happened to have watched it, you must have laughed at the embarrassing situations that occurred to the young characters, and you must have enjoyed the acting of a handsome young man who performed one of the leading roles there. His name is Michael Schoeffling, and he portrayed Jake. However, where is he now? It sometimes happens that promising actors retire from acting career too early, or fail to succeed.

It's been 30 years since Sam Baker's family forgot about her birthday in "Sixteen Candles," and just as long since Jake Ryan stole all our collective hearts. But in the years following the film's release, the actor who played him all but vanished. See how the entire cast -- sans Michael -- have all aged in the gallery above. Plus, see what they're doing now. As for Schoeffling, let's dig a little deeper.

"Sixteen Candles" Turns 30 -- Whatever Happened to Jake Ryan?!

The coming-of-age classic, which was a hit with critics and moviegoers alike, turns 30 today., In the mids he began modeling for GQ , [1] and photographer Bruce Weber paid for his acting classes [ citation needed ] at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Manhattan. An accomplished youth and collegiate wrestler , Michael has won medals in various national and international tournaments.

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