Drug and alcohol treatment centers in des moines iowa

Powell Chemical Dependency Center

drug and alcohol treatment centers in des moines iowa

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We help people take the first steps toward getting help for their drug and alcohol usage and having drug-free lifestyles. Finding hard to locate resources for assistance with alcohol, drug and other rehab related problems is what FreeRehabCenters. We scoured thousands of government and non profit resources to find the most affordable, free, and sliding scale resources. View our listings below. Sliding Scale Treatment Fees that are variable based on the clients ability to pay. Fees are reduced for lower income persons or have less money due to high expenses.

If you're looking to help yourself or someone you love struggling with drinking or drug abuse issues in Des Moines, IA, Rehabs.
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Updated PM Aug. Information posted is an estimate. Your personal experience may vary. Powell Chemical Dependency Center, located at Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, IA, is a safe and supportive setting where individuals can face their drug and alcohol abuse and learn to recover. Powell CDC allows individuals to work with their families and significant others to rebuild their lives and the lives of others affected by the uncertainty, pain, loss, helplessness and fear created by drug abuse. It is possible to live life substance free.

All throughout the city of Des Moines, IA there are over ten diverse types of alcohol and drug rehabilitation accessible for addicts of all ages. These services are offered for teens, woman, and men, and are capable of assisting any form of the substance abuse problem. Majority of the teens are now getting trapped in addiction, which is alarming as these habits can eventually kill them if they are unable to get the right help. Education and prevention techniques are also offered in the city. All throughout the city of Des Moines, there are just over a dozen different forms of drug and or alcohol rehabilitation available for addicts of all ages. These services are provided for teens, men, and woman, and are able to help any form of substance abuse issue. Many teens today are getting caught up in addiction, and it is a scary scene when you see a teen struggling with something that will eventually kill them if they do not get the right kind of help.

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    Get help finding Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Des Moines, IA that are unique to your individual needs. Addiction treatment professionals are here to help.

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