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the latest news on the young and the restless

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Lost password? Email changed? Search the Site. Actor wanted to quit after one day Fourth GH actor injured this summer GH star "heartbroken" over costar's exit. Chloe foiled Billy's attempt to run Adam down. Chloe encouraged Billy to seek therapy.

A holiday weekend always has soap fans double checking to see if their favorite shows are actually going to be on. The actress joined the soap back in as the manipulative bad However, even Since birth, his paternity has been Phillips from one of his many other roles! He got his start back in the mid-'80s as But because it's been a while since

It's been nearly six years since The Young and the Restless' Adam Newman accidentally struck Billy Abbott's daughter, Delia, with his car, leaving the little girl to die on the side of a darkened road. Though it appeared as if the characters had somewhat moved on from the tragic hit-and-run, the CBS soap opera is reminding viewers that tragedies such as that never really go away, as witnessed in its current storyline for Billy and Adam, who are now being played by Jason Thompson and Mark Grossman, respectively. Adam's recent resurrection has sent Billy into an emotional tailspin that is having serious psychological consequences. Viewers are seeing the grieving father relive the anguish of losing Delia, and he's hearing his lost little girl's voice. The trauma has set Billy on a course of separating from reality, a deeply unsettling storyline that Jason Thompson is grateful to be playing.

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Instead, he told Nick Newman Joshua Morrow that dropping the custody case was being done out of love for his second-born son, Christian Newman Alex Wilson. Adam also noted that Nick was a father to Christian in all ways except biological, which was actually a high compliment. Adam took stock of the way in which Christian resists him and concluded that his son should remain with Nick. Yes, this header was inspired by two sources. If all were predictable there would be little, if any reason to follow what Adam is doing within this part of the storyline.


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