Chicken and beef stir fry

Easy Beef Stir Fry

chicken and beef stir fry

chicken-and-beef-stirfry stir-fry-beef-broccoli. You'll Need: WOK-I LOVE my nonstick wok!!! You can also make this using all steak! more pics.

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I had to email her this month and warn her I chose something that was not chocolate. However, I decided to expand my horizons this month as Liz always posts such delicious savory delights as well. He is a picky eater but often requests steak. BOTH of my children loved this meal and this is not an easy accomplishment by any means. I added chicken to this recipe as well to please the second son and broccoli to please the husband. Rave reviews from all means this will most definitely be in the weekly rotation.

This recipe for teriyaki beef stir fry is tender slices of beef sauteed with a variety of colorful vegetables, all coated in a quick and easy homemade teriyaki sauce. A restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home! I make stir fry almost every week, my family always requests chicken and asparagus stir fry , honey garlic shrimp stir fry and this delicious beef teriyaki. Why would you ever want to order take out when you could whip up this teriyaki beef stir fry in about 20 minutes? After the vegetables are cooked, they come out of the pan and the beef goes in — make sure your pan is very hot to get a nice sear on the meat.

Easy B eef Stir Fry is the perfect Chinese-restaurant-style dish that you can make at home. To get that delicious flavor restaurant-quality beef and broccoli stir fry , add your favorite vegetables and of course lots of broccoli naturally. Serve this beef stir fry with white rice , egg noodles or over fried rice! So, what kind of beef is best for stir fry? I use either sirloin or flank steak in my beef stir fry recipe because it is tasty, affordable, and can be easily tenderized. You can use chuck steak as well. The secret to making the best beef stir fry using flank steak is all in how you slice the meat.

Beef and Chicken Stir Fry

Simple Chinese Black Pepper Beef Stir Fry Recipe - Wok Wednesdays

Chicken or beef stir fry

As you read on the featured friday entry, I made my friend Catherine cook for us at my home using my recipe. This was a treat since no one really cooks for me, and because I was able to take pictures of the process without having to constantly wash my hands after every step. This can get very drying on the skin you know! Since this was an impromptu cooking session, we ended up just using whatever was already in my fridge, freezer and pantry to make our dinner. We also ate some corn on the cob because I had it. Yeah, I know.

Chinese takeout is something we all love right? But what if I told you that you could make something every bit as tasty, in just about the same amount of time… and YOU get to control the ingredients? Sounds amazing right? Healthy weight watcher recipes with bold flavors. In many ways, yes!




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