Lion king dress in drag and do the hula

9 More Things You Didn’t Know About The Lion King

lion king dress in drag and do the hula

Timon and Pumbaa's Hula Dance

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Throw on a classic Disney movie like "The Lion King" in a room full of s kids who haven't seen it in a while and two things will happen. First, they'll light up with excitement and recite every word of dialogue and sing every lyric to every song. But then, at some point during the minute runtime, those familiar quotes and jokes will start to land differently on adult ears. From double entendres to very obscure pop culture references, there are lines in just about every Disney film that were clearly written for the parents and not the children. Now that you're old enough to understand puns and can recognize film quotes from the s, here are 10 moments from "The Lion King" that you may have missed as a kid back in

Spoilers ahead. But one fan-favorite moment from the animated film has been changed completely , and turned into a nod to another beloved Disney musical. No, Gaston doesn't make an appearance as a trophy hunter threatening the animals of the Pride Lands — though he totally would. And Pumbaa is determined to be, hypothetically, the most delectable option. In the version, a similar musical distraction plays out, but in this case, Timon doesn't participate as willingly. While scheming their attack, Simba Matthew Broderick tells Timon Nathan Lane that they need live bait to create a diversion.

The American animated film tells the story of a young Lion, Simba who had to fight to earn his position as the king of the kingdom. The team who worked on the movie were selected from the crew members of Pocahontas This is quite a shocker to think that Minkoff and Hann had another name in mind for the movie. With support from his producer, Don Hahn, Elton John was asked to prepare a new song for the movie, and that produced the famous soundtrack we have today. Ernie Sabella who initially auditioned for the role of one of the hyenas almost lost his position as the voice of Pumbaa but after a second recording, he nailed it, so did every other cast. Minkoff said:.

I wore out my VHS copy, I own it on every platform and in every version it was ever released. I have all the music, toys, mugs, Pop Figures, you name it, I have it. Original Elephant Graveyard playset and Burger King cups? In fact, I knew going in there would be no way it could live up to what I wanted. Because truth be told, I wanted the original: nothing changed, nothing added, just give me the original with real lions and call it a day. That was never going to happen and I knew that.

With the advancement in technology since , one would certainly go into Disney's remake of The Lion King expecting the fun moments from the original movie to be amped up big time. In fact, you'd expect these moments to make a bigger impact in the narrative and provide a spectacle one could have only dreamt of 25 years ago. In the original, when Simba and Nala try to sneak back to Pride Rock, they see Scar's hyena army and decide to use live bait as a distraction. Favreau sadly axes the luau from this film, instead opting to have Timon sing the opening words of "Be Our Guest" in a patronizing French accent as if they're in a five-star restaurant. The message is the same as he riffs on Beauty and the Beast , tricking the hyenas to chase them down for a meal. Now, while the film operates in a quasi-realistic realm, pulling out the Hawaiian skirt and dancing to showcase Pumbaa really wouldn't have been that far-fetched because, hey, it's a Disney movie.

10 clever references in the original 'Lion King' you may have missed as a kid

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Sure, you may know every line of every song, but do you know how your favorite characters were cast? How about how long it took to create the famous Wildebeest stampede scene? Just be prepared, because these facts may surprise you. Real animals were studied during production. While animators filmmakers were working on the film, several traveled to Africa to study the behavior of the native animals there. To take things a step further, wildlife expert Jim Fowler brought lions, hornbills, and more into the studio in Los Angeles to serve as reference models. Before taking on the roles of Timon and Pumbaa, Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella who at the time had been co-starring in Guys and Dolls were asked to audition together as the hyenas, Banzai and Shenzi.






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