2014 chrysler town and country sliding door problems

Chrysler Sliding Door Problems

2014 chrysler town and country sliding door problems

2014 Chrysler Town & Country - Power Sliding Door

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While sliding doors on a minivan can develop various problems, Chrysler vans have suffered from two particular malfunctions over the years. Neither condition has led to any known injuries, and Chrysler quickly addresses problems that could have serious consequences. But Chrysler owners should be aware of these problems to get full benefit from an otherwise excellent vehicle. Sliding door problems range from dangerous conditions to small nuisances. Two problems in particular have received widespread attention. In , most significantly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA performed a series of crash tests on Chrysler minivans that genarally had positive results but noted concern over rear sliding doors often opening during collision. Less seriously, users report that the automatic powered-door closing feature on any model commonly stops working, requiring doors to be shut manually.

I have a town and Country andI need to replace the lock actuator on the side sliding door. How can i get the door unlocked so I can slide it open? I need it opened in order to put the new actuator in.
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Cant wait to pull 'er apart and put it together again! Great write up. Thank you! We just HAD the sample problem with our door. Who needs all those auto forums!

Here is a list of things we have tried.. Bill, I don't have the answer but I sure am interested to see if anyone else does. If it helps someone with more knowledge to troubleshoot, I've noticed it almost always happens when the van is on a slight incline, nose-down. Phillip Takahashi. I have one thought

Chrysler Sliding Door Problems It Still Runs

Door will open and close normally but when it gets hot outside the door will not latch when it closes. Door sounds like it is constantly trying to latch shut., An chrysler sliding door problems it still runs can be really a door designed to be used for a particular objective, which is always to drawsketchto draft.

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    Both sliding doors on my Dodge Caravan quit working.

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    3 Common Problems - Chrysler Town & Country

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