Lifes most persistent and urgent question

Lifes most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?

lifes most persistent and urgent question

Quote Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? Change background. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are.

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Grant Seekers Fund Holders Students. How wonderful and inspiring it was to gather together in celebration of this wonderful community we call home. For those who could join to celebrate with us, thank you for coming. And for those not present with us, I want to share a piece of the conversation we started with everyone. I began with a quote from Dr.

Martin Luther King asked this question in and for the remainder of his life. This past week, the Sasaki Foundation research teams were able to experience the generosity of what Sasaki employees are doing for others as they all spent a day in the Incubator at Sasaki working with the teams to help create solutions for their projects. Each year, employees from Sasaki are entitled to spend one full day volunteering in the community. This year, twenty nine volunteers from the firm elected to work with Sasaki Foundation grantees to provide design expertise to their community projects, helping to strengthen and amplify their message and visualize their projects. The buzz in the Incubator was contagious as each of the five Sasaki Foundation research teams spent the day explaining their projects to architects, landscape architects, ecologists, planners, strategists and communications staff resulting in the creation of a storyboard for their projects at the mid-point of their residency in the Incubator. Please Touch the Art worked to define their campus experience at Mosesian Center for the Arts for visitors with limited vision, Charles River Floating Wetlands developed a design for their floating wetlands and planting strategy that will be sustainable, Eastie for Eastie explored what a managed retreat in East Boston might look like asking tough questions, ECHOLocator worked on mapping the neighborhoods where their software program will be rolled out and the G Code House focused their work session on a day in the life of young women living and studying in the house as well as defining components of a typical curriculum. This design charrette a day long brainstorm with a team of professional designers is a compelling feature of the Sasaki Foundation Design Grants.

Today was a day to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We live in a time where we need more voices like that of Dr. King advocating for people to work together to solve problems. We need more voices that talk of treating one another with dignity and respect, regardless of the differences of opinion that may exist.

January 15th would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The dawn of the new year is often a time for reflection, renewal and goal setting. If you indulged during the holidays you may have committed resolutions of healthier eating and reduced alcohol consumption. Perhaps many of you have begun a meditation practice or vowed to read more books and spend less time on electronics. Whatever your new goals may be, I invite you to think about how these self-improvements can optimize your ability to serve something greater than yourself.

Lifes Most Persistent and Urgent Question

I was shocked at first, then honored, humbled and a little bit terrified because Seth is a true visionary with impossible shoes to fill. So I had to do some real soul-searching.




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