Young dolph and yo gotti

Young Dolph & Yo Gotti: Unpacking The Memphis Beef

young dolph and yo gotti

The relationship between Memphis rappers Yo Gotti and Young Dolph, and the tensions between the two artists, have been a major story line.

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Hollywood and Highland. Young Dolph, birth name Adolph Thornton Jr. But, why did everyone quickly point their blaming fingers at Yo Gotti? A beef between the two Memphis, Tennessee rappers has been brewing for years. Their feud is a classic tale of the young guard attacking the old, established regime, trying to find their place in history. Yo Gotti is a Memphis rap legend. So it only makes sense that he would sign up-and-coming local star, Young Dolph , to his record label imprint CMG.

In an Instagram post from November, Young Dolph, a rare indie . Dolph claims that Yo Gotti, the Memphis rap veteran behind major US chart.
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Adolph Thornton, Jr. In February , Dolph released his debut studio album, King of Memphis , which peaked at number 49 on the Billboard chart. Genasis ' hit single " Cut It ", which peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot In , he nearly died in a drive by shooting accident and later that same year, his grandmother died from lung cancer. These incidents motivated his "wake up" call.

Young Dolph Disses Yo Gotti For Pressing Charges (VIDEO)

On his right arm is a custom Gucci sling with red trim. Older Instagrams show Dolph wearing bandages at a Los Angeles hospital , then an arm sling to visit a jeweller.

Young Dolph

The relationship between Memphis rappers Yo Gotti and Young Dolph, and the tensions between the two artists, have been a major story line in Memphis hip-hop for the better part of the last three years. Dolph real name, Adolph Thornton Jr. Subsequent media reports suggested the incident was somehow the result of a long running musical and personal feud with another Memphis MC, Yo Gotti real name, Mario Mims. The Los Angeles Police Department has twice denied to The Commercial Appeal that Gotti who was staying at the same hotel as Dolph is a person of interest in the investigation. Police said they do not know if McClendon and Gotti are associates. The charges against Gotti were dropped in the brawl due to a lack of witnesses. McClendon was shot during the brawl.

During a recent interview with a New York-based radio station , rapper Yo Gotti addressed his longtime rivalry with fellow Memphis rapper Young Dolph. Gotti said that the two have never had an argument, stating, "Me and homie never had one argument ever in life. We never touched each other ever in life. We never exchanged no money ever in life. The facts is that I'm the biggest rapper in Memphis.

Over the past two decades, the South has made major waves, with artists from cities like Atlanta, Houston, Miami and New Orleans all producing rap legends. But one town that has had as much of an influence as any of those other locales is Memphis, Tenn. In recent years, Memphis' brightest rap star has been Yo Gotti , who has emerged as a popular figure in the rap game, with singles like "I Know" and his smash hit "Down in the DM" both upping the formerly independent hustler's profile nationally.

Yo Gotti and Young Dolph: Feud between Memphis rappers runs deep






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