Miley and her dead petz

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

miley and her dead petz

Miley Cyrus - Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz ALBUM REVIEW


It was independently released by Smiley Miley, Inc. Opting for an album relying less on computerized elements than her previous release, Bangerz , Cyrus began planning the project in before Bangerz was released. Work continued into and , when she befriended and began collaborating with the Flaming Lips. Critics were divided in their opinions of the album; some applauded Cyrus' ambition and experimentation, and others considered its production and overall finish lacking. Cyrus has promoted the album with music videos for " Dooo It!

In it, she recalls being told by her team that the album was too long. That pretty much says it all: Dead Petz is the definition of a vanity project, an indulgent collection of experiments that exist for no other reason than because they can. Mostly they are tossed-off Diet Yoshimi detritus, the kind of music these guys can fart out in their sleep. Take "Dooo It! There's a lot going on in the trackóweed, flying saucers, queries about the origins of the moonóbut the part I keep coming back to is Cyrus proclaiming, "Peace, motherfuckerz! Do it!

Amid the colorful chaos of the finale -- and wearing little more than a single pant leg and a glittery, eye-shaped pastie to cover her right boob -- Miley announced that her brand-new, track joint album with The Flaming Lips had just been unleashed independently, for free, on SoundCloud. But amid the mess, there were gems -- fleeting moments where the weird-but-good ratio landed just right. Other songs find Miley more vulnerable than ever. Not everyone disliked Dead Petz. Indeed, Dead Petz obliterated the mold altogether, and not just in terms of its sonic kink.

If you've been following Miley Cyrus on Instagram for longer than a week or so or really any length of time , you're familiar with the spacey, psychedelic pics she shares on the reg. And if you watched her close out last night's VMAs with a gigantically colorful performance of new single "Dooo It! I mean, you have death right there in the title, so obviously it's not an ecstatic album. Except it can be. It can also be mournful, pensive and even bitter, but never somber or violent. It's a fascinating listen from a particularly fascinating artist, and you should hear it in full right here.


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Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz


Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (album)



Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz is the fifth studio album by American singer Miley Cyrus. It was independently released by Smiley Miley, Inc. for free streaming on.
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    It was announced and released for free online streaming on August 30, , by her independent "Smiley Miley" record label.

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