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Puzzle and Dragons is an Amazing, Puzzle, Role-playing, Match-3 and Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Gung-ho Online Entertainment and.

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The game provides you with amazing gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in Puzzle experience. In the game, you must move three same coloured orbs and maintain them in a grid. The game offers you the mixture of two sorts of gameplay such as a monster collecting RPG and tilt matching. The game lets you team up with your friends and tackles all enemies. The game consists of various levels and lets you complete each one. With the best mechanics, addictive and quite immersive gameplay, brilliant visual details, Puzzle and Dragons is one of the best game as compared to other Match-3 Puzzle games.

The game is a super addictive and engaging Match-3 Puzzle video game that combines Strategy and RPG elements in its core game-play and offers a really unique experience ever. The game lets you move and match three or more of the same kind of Orbs that are arranged in a grid. Upon a match-up horizontally or vertically, the orbs will make a chain reaction and the corresponding orbs will vanish with a shimmer. The orbs match-up defines what characters will go out and fight against the monsters with their unique skills. Puzzle and Dragons is basically a turn-based match-3 video game so it lets you engage in combats with your enemies on your turn and allows you to damage your enemy with every Orbs Match-up. You can also earn some bonus points and additional moves with more than 3 match-ups and bigger chain reactions. With great visual details, music and voices, Puzzle and Dragons provides with a great game-play you have ever experienced.

Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Team up with your friends and tackle all new enemies! Combat is simple--just match 3 orbs of a particular attribute to make the monster with the same attribute on your team attack. If you can chain together multiple combos and attributes, you not only increase your damage, but can attack using other monsters from your team!

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Now, the game has been downloaded around 25 million times, but while impressive, that number is a bit misleading. The majority of that figure originates from Japan. As of November, the game has managed just two million downloads in North America, and at the time of writing is sitting at number 37 in the top grossing iOS apps. The game, developed by GungHo Online Entertainment, has all of the right ingredients to hit big. So, while 21 million downloads worldwide is an impressive feat, just one million stateside is underwhelming compared to the massive success the game has experienced over in Japan. You have to contact home base when you log in, when you load a dungeon, and when you exit a dungeon to gather your rewards. If you start a dungeon when you have a signal, but then lose that signal midway through, you can still finish out the dungeon.

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Addicted to Puzzle and Dragons? Here are 5 Other Awesome Puzzle RPGs for Mobile!

There are countless other clones and originals that too, challenge players' minds with puzzle mechanics. The following list showcases five other puzzle RPGs that are available now, waiting to be downloaded! Credit: Legendary: Game of Heroes. Match three or more of the same color to clear a combo, and deal corresponding damage to your opponent. However, one thing that stands out are the character designs. They look fairly interesting simply because of how unique each one is designed.

Posted May 26, , Updated May 26, , Permalink. These games are kind of similar to Pokemon, except that they feature puzzle-based combat in some form or fashion. As is the trend these days, any notable game attracts a million clones. Puzzle and Dragons arguably kicked off this puzzle RPG craze with its puzzle gaming core and an emphasis on collecting and fusing monsters. Grab it: iOS Android. Of all the games on this list, it has the best battle system, in my opinion. It also gets props for originality, at least until someone points out the game that came out just before it that it obviously clones ;.

Other games like PAD?

The Minecraft-inspired visual aesthetics of the 40th Super Sentai entry head to the 3DS in this number-matching puzzle game. Angry Birds Fight! It debuted in January in Thailand and continued westward for further releases throughout An action game involving monster collection created by Street Fighter 2 creator Yoshiki Okamoto. Dragon Tactics is an online puzzle-based combat role-playing game for mobile platforms.


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