Are the north and south islands of new zealand connected

Cook Strait

are the north and south islands of new zealand connected

Ferry from North to South island, New Zealand

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The body of water between the two islands is called Cook Strait. Sooner or later almost everyone who rented his camper van in Auckland lines up at the ferry terminal in Wellington. Because the South Island is definitely more scenic than the North Island! The journey from Wellington North Island to Picton South Island is unbelievably beautiful; a great part of it takes you right through the Marlborough Sounds. The main company that runs a ferry service between Wellington and Picton, is the Interislander. Actually, the Interislander operates three vessels, the Arahura, Aratere and Kaitaki.

It connects the Tasman Sea on the northwest with the South Pacific Ocean on the southeast, and runs next to the capital city, Wellington. The strait is named after James Cook , the first European commander to sail through it, in He named it Zeehaen's Bight , after the Zeehaen , one of the two ships in his expedition. In James Cook established that it was a strait , which formed a navigable waterway. Cook Strait attracted European settlers in the early 19th century. Because of its use as a whale migration route, whalers established bases in the Marlborough Sounds and in the Kapiti area.

Bluebridge ferry By ronlaughlin. Sooner or later everyone traveling New Zealand boards a ferry to cross Cook Strait some with positive anticipation and others with deep trepidation.
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The Cook Strait is a violent body of water. It's an exception. Unlike other straits around the world, it has opposite tidal flows at either end. When it's high-tide on the Tasman side, it's roughly low-tide on the Pacific side and vice versa. Before the end of the last Ice Age, you might have been able to walk between the two islands if there had been anyone around to do it. But for the last 20, years this strait has divided New Zealand in a way most countries have never known. What if the country could become physically connected again?

New Zealand Smackdown: North Island vs. South Island

South Island., Considering the state of our inter-island fleet, the cancellations of air and sea travel due to weather and the future demands on utilities, it is time that we examine the feasibility of a fixed link between our two main islands. Bridges and tunnel technology have improved in both engineering capability and affordability.



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    Cook Strait is a strait that separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It connects the Tasman Sea on the northwest with the South Pacific Ocean on.

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