90 day fiance pedro and chantel

Are Chantel and Pedro Still Together After ‘The Family Chantel’ and ’90 Day Fiance’?

90 day fiance pedro and chantel

90 Day Fiance fans know that Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have a tumultuous and dramatic relationship. The couple has had more than.


Newer fans of the show might be wondering what exactly happened between the two families to cause such bad blood. Family matters! Chantel and Pedro first met through a mutual friend; Chantel wanted to learn Spanish and Pedro wanted to learn English, so they started teaching each other and quickly hit it off. However, Chantel lied to her family when they first got together, told them Pedro was moving to the U. As soon as Pedro got his green card and started working, he began sending gifts and money back home to his family, which upset Chantel. In the clip above, Chantel is upset that Pedro sends his mother and sister gifts and money back home and confronts both women while in the Dominican Republic.

Now, there's The Family Chantel , their very own spinoff centered on them and the very tense battles between in-laws that has derailed their relationship at times. In 90 Day: Happily Ever After? And in The Family Chantel , Pedro and Chantel's family occupy the same room for the first time since. News' Zuri Hall. When he saw Chantel's brother, River, Pedro said he felt the past feelings come rushing back. Why do this to me?

While Pedro's Instagram is filled with selfies, Chantel's is flooded with pictures of herself on vacation, hanging out with friends and promoting products. Though she was told on Sunday's episode that Pedro's family "arranged" for him to marry an American woman, it's possible they're still together since TLC announced a spinoff. The Family Chantel is slated to premiere July It will follow both Pedro and Chantel as they navigate their relationship. Chantel and Pedro met while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish. On Sunday, her friend Obed claimed Pedro's family used teaching Spanish to American women as a ruse to marry Pedro off.

The series follows couples who have 90 days to decide if they want to get married, while anticipating the expiration of their K-1 visas, and if they must leave the United States. But while we watch the drama unfold while they weigh their options, the real tea comes after the cameras stop rolling. The two originally met in the Dominican Republic and are slated to appear on a new show called Happily Ever After , where viewers will take a look into their relationship and see if they are actually happy together. A post shared by Nicole Jimeno nicole. While there, he spent a night out with his friends, had 10 shots of alcohol, and then proceeded to take his wedding ring off and dance with Coraima. A post shared by 90daysfiancefanpage 90daysfiancefan on May 28, at am PDT. But does that mean that he actually cheated?

Chantel & Pedro’s Family Feud on 90 Day Fiance

In spite of the cheating scandals and family feuds, Chantel wants to remind Pedro's family that she is here to stay in his life. Pedro, from the Dominican Republic, and Chantel, from Atlanta, Georgia, have had their ups and downs, which revolves around their two opinionated and very different families.,


’90 Day Fiance’: Chantel Everett Says Marriage to Pedro Jimeno is a ‘Scam’




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