Liv and maddie theme song lyrics

Dove Cameron - Better In Stereo (Liv and Maddie Theme Song Version) lyrics

liv and maddie theme song lyrics

Dove Cameron - Better In Stereo (Karaoke Version)

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Better in Stereo is the main theme song for Liv and Maddie , performed by Dove Cameron , the portrayer of the two main characters in the series. Two versions were released: the theme song version and the promotional version. A music video premiered on their VEVO channel, while the television premiere took place on the night of October 29, An acoustic version of the song is featured in the series finale. B-b-better in stereo, B-b-better in stereo.

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Better in stereo, B-better in stereo I'm up with the the sunshine let's go! Lace up my high-tops oh, no! Slam dunk, ready or not Yeah, Now show me what you got I'm under the spotlight holler I dare you, come on and follow You dance to your own beat I'll sing the melody! When you say yeah! I say no!

Dove Cameron Better In Stereo Lyrics Liv and Maddie Theme Song Version

Dove Cameron - Better in Stereo (from "Liv and Maddie") (Official Video)

Better in Stereo (Theme Song Version) Lyrics: Better in stereo / Better in stereo Better in Stereo is song that relates the difficulties if being twin sisters and it . Liv and Maddie: Music from the TV Series () Dove Cameron.
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