Epstein barr virus and thyroid

The Mysteries of the Thyroid

epstein barr virus and thyroid

Epstein–Barr Virus Part 2: Consequences of Reactivation


Past EBV infection is associated with lymphomas, and may also result in certain allergic and autoimmune diseases. Although potential mechanisms of autoimmune diseases have not been clearly elucidated, both genetic and environmental factors, such as infectious agents, are considered to be responsible for their development. In addition, EBV modifies the host immune response. The worldwide prevalence of autoimmune diseases shows how common this pathogen is. Normally, the virus stays in the body and remains dormant throughout life.

Unfortunately, the medical community has long marginalized its role in chronic symptoms, and therefore, most doctors never think to check for it, leaving many thousands of women suffering with mysterious symptoms without an obvious cause or diagnosis. EBV is a virus in the herpes virus family.
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When I was taking my pharmacy licensing exam after graduation, I remember thinking that I could never possibly know more than I did at that time—but I have learned so much more since then! I graduated from pharmacy school in I decided to become a pharmacist at age 16 because I was fascinated by science, chemistry, and medicine; and I wanted to help people for a living! Without going into too much detail, one of the crucial defining moments in my disease development may have started during my undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois. Due to the communal living setting of dormitories and less than stellar hygiene habits of most college students, myself included! The virus can take up residence within our thyroid gland where it can live and be inflammatory to our immune system.

View all 15 Articles. A few reports on the association between EBV and thyroid tumorigenesis have been investigated. However, the conclusion is highly contradictory. We aimed to explore the role of EBV in thyroid nodule development and its clinical significance in a cohort from southern China. Method: We conducted a retrospective data abstraction study of patients who underwent thyroidectomy between December and June We retrospectively analyzed the clinicopathological parameters and EBV infection status serological antibodies and in situ hybridization.

When Alejandro Junger, M. The iodine is particularly interesting, because William works with a lot of clients who are struggling with auto-immune disease, i. For many, the implication that your body is confused and attacking itself feels like the most unholy instances of sabotage. And according to William, it is simply not true: Your body does not attack itself, it is attacking pathogens that have burrowed deep into your organs, i. And, as he explains below, there are many things to do about it.

A possible link between the Epstein-Barr virus infection and autoimmune thyroid disorders


INTRODUCTION: Autoimmune thyroid diseases, including Graves' and Hashimoto's Viral infection, including Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), is one of the most.
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    A possible link between the Epstein-Barr virus infection and autoimmune thyroid disorders

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