Cal worthington and his dog spot

Cal Worthington And His Dog Spot

cal worthington and his dog spot

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Here's a little history lesson, kids. Memes existed before the cyberwebs. What's that, you say? But how did people pass memes around and create viral marketing campaigns before instant publishing on the webonets? They did it with jokes and parodies and cartoons — sometimes in print, sometimes on TV, sometimes whispered in the back of a high school class. I know it sounds crude and primitive, but there you have it.

They were known as the "My Dog Spot" ads because each commercial would introduce "Cal Worthington and his.
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Besides the bear in the above photo, Worthington appeared with a lion, elephant, goose, chimpanzee, hippopotamus, snakes and numerous other animals. Cal Worthington is 53 and, for almost 30 years, has been a man held captive by the car business. He doesn't like it and never has, but he's made so doggone much money at it he doesn't know how to get out. The car business bores and bothers him, a fact that may come as a shock to his fans, the people who are glad to see ol' Cal—friend of every insomniac in Southern California—riding a hippopotamus across the TV screen at in the morning…. Since he sponsors about half the late movies in town, running right up to 6 in the morning, it isn't unusual to spin the TV dial and see him making his pitch on three or four channels at once.

Cal Worthington

Worthington Ford ad, 1978



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