Sun and moon tattoo designs

80 Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs with Meanings

sun and moon tattoo designs

Sun and moon tattoo design is one of the classic tattoo designs preferred by both men and women. The sun and the moon are like the yin and yang of the.

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Much of the popularity of any tattoo design is, quite simply, not symbolic but rather aesthetic. However, we believe that a tattoo is a symbol of our self and social identities. Sun and moon tattoos definitely fall into this category, having such a rich symbolism and multiple meanings. The sun and the moon have been the subject of visual arts, literature, poetry and countless others in the course of human history. Like many of counterparts in the nature day and night, darkness and light, male and female, the moon is the natural counterpart to the sun.

Sun and moon tattoos have been into existence for a very long time, from some centuries ago. These tattoos are popular because of their size, shape, meaning, and beauty.
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But today I want to offer you to look at tattoos that consist of both a moon and a sun. As body art they are very popular nowadays, and of course you can find many design ideas which look stylish, simple and cool at the same time. If you wanna know a meaning of this type of tattoos, then you should just unite two meanings of a sun and a moon. The sun is often a symbol of a rebirth, a strength and a power, and a moon is associated with a femininity. Sometimes women ask their tattoo artist to place a half moon and half sun inside the circle, and this image can be symbol of good and bad or becomes similar to the yin and yang.

50 Meaningful and Beautiful Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos are like yin and yang tattoos - except way cuter - representing opposing forces in our universe and within ourselves. These classic, dual gender tattoos feature both the sun and the moon, separate or intertwined, and are popular across cultures, geographies and genders., Sun and moon tattoos are pretty popular.

Sun and Moon Tattoo. See more ideas about Moon tattoos, Cute tattoos and Tattoo art.
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