Manny mua and jeffree star tea

2018: The Year in Beauty YouTuber Drama

manny mua and jeffree star tea

If you're a devoted fan of the beauty vlogger community, it's nearly impossible to miss the drama between Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Gabriel.

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Oh, you forgot because there's been so much other shade since then, right? Well, let's take a little stroll back in time Instantly, fans started speculating about who the "ex-best friend" was and many concluded that the shade was meant for his known bestie, Manny Gutierrez. But both beauty vloggers took to Snapchat to shut down the rumors, posting photos of the two of them together. Fans deduced that the hate was actually meant for the third member of their famous trio, fellow vlogger Laura Lee. Some came to her defence, but Jeffree was not having it.

At one time, Manny and Jeffree were so close that they even teamed up for a makeup collaboration with Jeffree's cosmetic brand, releasing a highlighter and two liquid lipsticks. But, following the YouTube beauty community's ' dramageddon ', it was revealed that Jeffree and Manny are no longer friends. After fellow YouTuber Gabriel Zamora, posted a video publicly denouncing Manny , calling him "toxic" and cutting all ties with him, Manny posted an apology video, where he admitted to being a "shitty friend". Buy it in the bundle or individually! This is our last run so if you want em

Nicola Dall'Asen. Birthdays were ignored, collaborations with sworn enemies were made, and vicious subtweets went flying. The beauty world was certain the friendships were over for good, but now things aren't nearly as clear as they seemed. This photo of the two of them "catching up" was posted to Gutierrez's Snapchat. Star posted a Snapchat story with similar selfie and a now-deleted tweet that read, "When people try to break up a friendship that is stronger than gold

Jeffree, Manny, and Laura were known to their fans as a trio and were often seen on social media spending time together but that soon changed after Laura and Manny allegedly turned on Jeffree and joined forces with Gabriel. The rift started after past racist comments from Jeffree resurfaced although fans later revealed that Laura, Manny and Gabriel had some skeletons of their own. And since then, it's been a whirlwind of tear-filled videos, apology tours, and surprising new alliances. There's no denying how hard this frenemy drama can be to keep up with, so we created a timeline of all the drama between the on-again, off-again crew. Scroll down for more.

The collection dropped last week and if you look closely at the campaign image, you might have noticed that one of the stars is none other than former-enemy Gabi Z. The entire beauty vlogger community is currently burning to the ground and it's every man Manny for himself. Friendships are being destroyed, sides are being taken, and hella tea is being spilt and it's all happening on social media, like the good Lord intended. The internet got pissed, because this was obvious shade to Jeffree Star, so to retaliate, Jeffree's stans dug up dirt on all the bloggers. Old, problemtatic tweets and Snapchats from the crew started circulating and soon the apologies started rolling in and so did the shade.

Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. It's been a long 12 months, and before we kick to the curb, we're looking back at all of the most memorable, game-changing fashion and beauty things that went down. Follow along with us as we look back at the year in review. Even if you've never watched a YouTube tutorial in your life, chances are you've heard of Jeffree Star. The year-old Internet celebrity is known just as much for his feuds and controversies as his actual tutorials. To drive the point home, he has a Pomeranian named Drama.

Jeffree Star broke his silence on Manny MUA and 'evil' Laura Lee

jeffree star spills the tea on manny mua

Jeffree Star just called Manny MUA a "sociopath" in Twitter rant



Everything to Know About the Drama Between Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, Gabriel Zamora, and Laura Lee





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