The secret life of the american teenager ben and amy

Ben Boykewich

the secret life of the american teenager ben and amy

In the season one episode, The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager, Ben, and Amy get married using fake ID's after her mother says that Amy will have to.

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Amy Underwood is the main protagonist of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and was known for being the pregnant girl at Grant High School during her freshmen year. She is portrayed by Shailene Woodley. At the start of the show, Amy is a freshman at Ulysses S. Grant High School and is a French horn player in the band. She spent the summer prior to the series at band camp, where she met drummer Ricky Underwood and lost her virginity to him.

External image. Sorry for the exceptionally long wait. I have been very busy. Let me ask did you ever see the real difference between Ricky and Ben. Ben was pretty much on his own. No one helped Ben really deal with Amy.

He was also the father of Mercy Boykewich , whom he shared with his ex-wife Adrian Lee. He is the step-brother of Chloe Boykewich. He is portrayed by Ken Baumann. In the beginning of the series, Ben is pining over Grace, a pretty blonde cheerleader going out with the popular football player, Jack Pappas. Ben begins to pursue Amy after his best friends, Alice and Henry, point her out at school.

Even though the series " The Secret Life of the American Teenager " ended two years ago, it's recently been on the tip of everyone's tongue. However, many fans were left feeling unsatisfied by the open-ended series finale. And so will we. Hampton graciously provided plenty of details to fill the hole in fans' hearts left by the series' conclusion. Without further ado, here's what became of everyone's favorite West Coast gang. The cross-country travel while taking on college was just too stressful for Amy, but no one wanted to see her abandon her dreams so everyone came to her. But they were a safe distance away over the Brooklyn Bridge, and she remained in the dorm for a few years.


Amy Juergens

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    Following the first season, Jorge Pallo and Luke Zimmerman were demoted to recurring guest stars.

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