Father daughter wedding songs from the 60s and 70s

Classic Rock Father/Daughter Song - Suggestions needed!

father daughter wedding songs from the 60s and 70s

Best Song for Father Daughter Wedding Dance - "Daddy"


The father-daughter dance is a special time during the evening. If he still needs some convincing on the daddy-daughter dance, check out our video and lyrics features so you can send him some ideas. Whatever decade and genre you choose, teary eyes are guaranteed. Instructions: Click on the buttons below to sort songs by decade and genre. Find thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends. Contribute your own ideas and projects to share the joy with our Shutterfly community.

Looking for the perfect track for a spin on the dancefloor with your Dad? You'll find it on this playlist! Today, we're bringing you something unashamedly sentimental - a list of our favourite songs for the father daughter dance! A longstanding tradition in the US that's yet to fully take hold in the UK and Ireland, the father daughter dance is an opportunity to have a special moment with one of the most important people in your life. Featuring everything from classic rock bangers to nostalgic pop gems to timeless jazz numbers, our list of father daughter dance songs and the accompanying Spotify playlist!

There's gotta be something out there about years going by, getting older, moving on… I just can't seem to find it. This is one of the few traditions we're actually keeping, so I'd like to find something right for us. That's part of why I skipped the tradition, but I do agree that with the right song it can be a nice moment. Here are a few non-icky song ideas pulled from all kinds of sources including the many, many, many suggestions in the comments:. Read these popular posts: First dance songs that haven't been done to death The OBB team has compiled a pretty good list of totally not overused first dance songs from the silly, to the romantic, to the extremely controversial! Here are…. Notes You can add a note for the editor here.

My dad is a huge classic rock fan we both love CCR! I know WW has a "songs" section, and I have been through it. But I just cannot find the right song!
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Few wedding moments are more touching than the father-daughter dance. But finding the perfect choice among all the father-daughter dance songs out there can be tricky. You're looking to encapsulate the special relationship you share with you dad—and let's face it, there are a lot of songs that start out endearing but quickly take a turn for the awkward once it becomes clear the lyrics are about a different kind of relationship. You want a song about love, but only the one-of-a-kind love between a dad and daughter. To help you choose the perfect tune for your tender moment with Dad, we've compiled 60 of the best father-daughter dance songs out there and we've created a Father-Daughter Dance Songs playlist on Spotify so you can easily listen.

Get Your Guests Some Tissues, These Father-Daughter Dance Songs Will Have Everyone Tearing Up

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Non-sappy father/daughter dance songs

There are no special words to accurately describe the father-daughter relationship. The moment when they dance together in her wedding is probably the most emotional one. So, choosing the music is not an easy task. Songs of friendship and togetherness can also be selected. Check out the best classic rock songs for a father daughter dance. This song tops the list because nothing describes the feelings between father and daughter more than this one. It says that while many important things and people come and go in life, I love you the most of them all.

We have created a list of our favorite best Oldies songs for weddings. The bride should choose one of her favorite melodies to act as the father-daughter songs. There are many father-daughter wedding songs to choose from. Or, choose two father-daughter wedding songs and reserve a special dance for each of your fathers. That way you can choose a song for each man, that will fit his personality and be representative of your relationship — your father-in-law song or step-father song.

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