Left and right twix difference

Mars Releases 'Left' and 'Right' Twix Packs

left and right twix difference

Identify Left from Right Twix!


Back in , Twix started an ad campaign which had a man asking if people preferred the left or right Twix in a Twix package which contains 2 pieces of a Twix candy bar. The goal of the ad was to bring up Twix sales and Twix had stated in a commercial that there was a difference in the candy bar. The statement was that the difference was in the way the caramel was placed on the cookie section of the candy bar. This was debunked and it has been known for many people that there was always no difference in the candy bar, but how many people actually believe it? There are hundreds if not thousands of online messaging boards and forums that are full debating this topic.

Now, it has gone to fairly ridiculous technological lengths to find the differences between those who prefer one side of the chocolate-covered cookie treat over the other. By utilizing facial feature analysis and a survey questionnaire, Twix stated in a release that it has finally uncovered the fundamental differences between Left Twix and Right Twix fans. Additionally, participants completed a questionnaire querying interests including everything from music and television preferences to clothing and socializing likes and dislikes. The results revealed some tongue-in-cheek startling information — the two sides had absolutely nothing in common. Those who prefer casual clothes are probably a Left Twix fan while results showed that most Right Twix fans like low-key fashion. To help share its findings, Twix is launching a split-screen Instagram story, that explains the differences between Left and Right Twix lovers, encouraging fans to watch and pick a side.

The world is full of puzzling questions. Do ghosts exist? What is the meaning of life? Why are there two Twix bars in one wrapper? Finally, after years upon years of vexation, the Twix company has shared the details of its troubled past, shedding light on the question of candy bar bifurcation. Realizing that they could no longer continue on as co-workers, they decided to split the company in two. What emerged from the division were two rival companies alike in nearly every way, Left Twix and Right Twix.

Left Twix cascades their caramel onto the cookie and baths their chocolate. Right Twix on the other hand, flows caramel onto their cookie and.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. This is intended to be a psychology question about human decision making and behavior as concerns advertising. As this is only my second ever question on Cognitive Sciences SE, please advise as to any reasonable improvements to the question, and now for the fun part! A few years ago, Mars the candy company decided they weren't selling enough Twix candy bars, and launched an ad campaign centered on the idea of the left and right sides of the candy bar being a point of controversy , based on the idea that one is better than the other.

Fans of the chocolate candy bar will have to "deSide" which bar they prefer. Singers—Left Twix; vocalists—Right Twix. Bouncers should go for Left Twix, but doormen, clearly, Right Twix. See, it's easy. Twix will appear at other music festivals over the next several months, including Lollapalooza, Music Midtown and iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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