Ariana grande and ricky dillon

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ariana grande and ricky dillon

Is Ariana Grande Rude? Youtubers' Experiences

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I often watch several videos a day which has gotten worse and I definitely watch it way more than TV or Netflix. Actual people doing goofy stuff and documenting their adventures in the name of entertaining people and making them smile?! Read the heck on! Feels: Like a Bos- Uh.. LifeHack PS: Sing along! There we go! It was set up so there was a line leading up to a small area of the room that was boxed in by curtains.

In the video, you can see J-Hope and Jin dancing with Ricky at and :joy: :joy: :joy: I knew Ricky Dillion before BTS, so this is insane to think that I watched this and saw them without even knowing them at the time :joy: Now I am rewatching it and it's so weird :joy: :heartpulse: They were shooting American Hustle Life at the time which is why they were in California, I wish I was there :joy:. It's crazy and I remember Ricky talking about how he danced with them, I can't help but think he was the reason I found BTS in the first place :joy: I just wish that I could randomly run into them, I would die, but I would die happily :joy:. My friend used to talk about them allllll the time and I used to talk to her about Ariana Grande alllll the time and now I like BTS and she also likes Ariana :joy: it's funny because I was so confused whenever she talk about them and was like "wtf are you talking about?? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Likes

In the days since, Ariana has been seen heading home to Florida to be with her family and boyfriend Mac Miller. In the last hour however, she has released a full statement, and has announced a benefit concert in Manchester with all proceeds going to the victims. ArianaGrande I am so proud of you and your behaviour Ari. You inspire us. Patito CelopanYT May 26,

Plus, he even answered some fan questions!
there is only one god and one way of salvation

Forgot your password? Ofcourse talent will stan talent. Ricky is the nicest guy on YouTube, others can seethe besides maybe a few.. He stans Selena and Ariana that's why I love him. I'm crying at the title of this thread. But glad to know he stans talent!



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    "@RickyPDillon: I JUST MET QUEEN @ARIANAGRANDE I'm dying she was so incredibly sweet & cute & performed so lovely.

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    I don't know what's going on but everyone is mad at me over a 3 letter word lmao so I'm sorry if it's your word please forgive me. 11 replies

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