Andrea bocelli and son sing

Andrea Bocelli didn't know his son could sing until 2 years ago – now they're teaming up

andrea bocelli and son sing

Il Volo - Musica che resta (Official Video - Sanremo 2019)


Some songs are so incredible that they just beg to be covered over and over again. But twice in less than a year, by the same guy? Well, when that guy happens to be Andrea Bocelli , he can do pretty much whatever he wants. After collaborating with one of the biggest singers in the world, Andrea wanted to bring it home by performing the song with his progeny, son and fellow singer Matteo. They almost come together toward the end, both alternating their lines in Italian, then their voices finally merge as one in the final lines, with a sonorous show of power that will leave fans screaming for more. Listen to this beautiful song sung as only the Bocellis can, and share to spread their talent!

Andrea & Matteo Bocelli - Perfect Symphony (Ed Sheeran us an emotional cover of Ed Sheeran's Perfect Symphony on the Ken Bruce show.
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For language learners: we've highlighted some useful vocabulary in this news story. You'll find the Italian translations at the bottom of the article. The performance won them a standing ovation full video here. Just over 10 million viewers tuned in for the opening night of Sanremo, according to state broadcaster Rai , which airs the festival. That gave it a

Andrea Bocelli Teams Up With His Son To Create Incredibly Moving Duet “Fall On Me.”

For decades, Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has stunned the world with his incredibly powerful voice and magnetic stage presence. Diagnosed with glaucoma as a child, he went blind at the age of - Andrea Bocelli's son features on his latest single 'Fall On Me'.

Matteo Bocelli: Everything you need to know about Andrea Bocelli’s son

Andrea Bocelli is one of those spectacular vocalists that has a strong legacy when it comes to music. But now, Andrea seems to be introducing his family into his music. His son Matteo Bocelli also loves singing and getting to duet with his dad is like a dream. Andrea Bocelli and Matteo are both classically trained singers. So they decided to sing some more spellbinding songs.


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