Smoking and high pressure

The effect of stopping smoking on blood pressure--a controlled trial.

smoking and high   pressure

While smoking does not directly affect your blood pressure, it will cause your arteries to narrow - just as high blood pressure does. This puts you at much higher.

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The addictive effects of smoking are only partly known, but it is likely that hemodynamic effects of tobacco smoking may contribute to the habituation. It has since long been known that blood pressure and heart rate increase during smoking. These effects are specifically associated with nicotine while the other components of which more than a thousand have been isolated seem to be of minor importance. The rise in blood pressure is due both to an increase in cardiac output and total peripheral vascular resistance. The blood pressure rise appears immediately and occurs before any increase in circulating catecholamines. In hypertensive patients the blood pressure lowering effect of beta-blockers may be partly abolished by tobacco smoking whereas alpha-receptor blockers seem to maintain the antihypertensive efficacy in smokers. It is a paradox that while smoking acutely increases blood pressure, a slightly lower blood pressure level has been found among smokers than nonsmokers in larger epidemiological studies.

Back to Heart and lungs. Overall, men have a higher chance of heart attack than women, but certain risk factors such as smoking may close the gap between women and men.
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Epidemiological studies have found evidence of lower blood pressure in smokers and predict an increase in blood pressure after stopping smoking. We have therefore monitored blood pressure change in 33 smokers following entry into a 6-week smoking cessation programme and compared the results to 33 matched controls who continued their normal smoking habits over the same period. Fourteen subjects were successful in quitting smoking for the entire 6 weeks, 13 were unsuccessful and 6 withdrew before completion of the programme. No significant increase in supine or erect systolic or diastolic blood pressure was observed following reduction in or cessation of smoking habit. Complete cessation of smoking was, however, associated with an increase in weight and anxiety levels and a decrease in alcohol consumption.

How smoking affects blood pressure.

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Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure increase risk of heart attack more in women than men



Smoking, High Blood Pressure and Your Health








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    Smokers are more likely to develop high blood pressure and heart disease. Here are some tips from WebMD to help you quit smoking.

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