Quince orchard swim and tennis

Quince Orchard Swim & Tennis Club

quince orchard swim and tennis

Our Tennis Center is equipped with four, year-round Deco Turf II hard courts The older classes move to the lanes, where students swim longer distances to.

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Harvey also shared some good news. The smart thing to do would have been to deflate the bubble before the storm since we were expected to get over 2 feet of snow. There was just way too much snow and to think a bubble could withstand that kind of weight was pretty naive. I play tennis in a bubble in the winter and if they know we are going to get a lot of snow or very high winds, they will deflate the bubble so it will not be damaged. Now, Quince Orchard will have to repair or even replace the bubble along with all the hanging lights that were probably destroyed when it collapsed because someone decided to leave the bubble up. All Rights Reserved. Montgomery Community Media MCM is the only independent, nonprofit organization providing access to public media public access television and broadband media directly to Montgomery County's over one million residents as well as the resident non-profit organizations, associations and businesses.

Water Fitness Classes Looking for a low impact way to improve your fitness? A variety of Deep and Shallow water classes available at the Club. Click here for information Create an account The clubhouse is equipped with men's and ladies locker rooms with shower facilities that allow you to end your play relaxed and refreshed. We offer two lounge areas with observation galleries to provide you an ideal area to relax before or after your match and socialize with fellow club members and guests. In addition there is a lower level area of the clubhouse which is used in the outdoor season for Junior Activities Camp.

Class meet Monday - Thursday for 2 weeks sessions. Open registration begins Saturday, May 8. Registration Deadline : June Classes with fewer than 4 students registered will be cancelled. Open registration begins Thursday, June Registration Deadline: July 30 -- Classes with fewer than 4 students registered will be cancelled. Make-up lessons for canceled classes are on the Friday of the same week that class was canceled. If you are not able to attend the Friday make-up lesson, your childe will miss the make-up.

Annual Wintertime Tennis Only.
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Activity Camp Jr. Little Tennis is the most popular children's instructional program in the United States. Properly sized junior racquets are available to use at no cost during the clinic. The spring session meets from p. During the summer session, children will meet twice a week - either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from p.

However, all evening QO swim lessons have been canceled. Makeup lessons will take place on Monday. Further details have been emailed to QO swim lessons. Thank you for your understanding. Jump to.

Quince Orchard Swim and Tennis Club

Heated fued! Quince Orchard vs Bullis

Tennis Dome Collapses at QOSTC in Gaithersburg






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