Nightcore shut up and dance want to want me

shut up and dance with me school of rock nightcore

nightcore shut up and dance want to want me

Stream Nightcore - Shut Up And Dance - Want To Want Me (Switching Vocals) ? by rexwander from desktop or your mobile device.

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A lonely guy is sitting on the floor at a school dance, when a very confident girl walks up and asks him to dance. They do! They both have a great time, and they end up as boyfriend and girlfriend! This song is about how a shy guy is at a party and meets this confident girl that doesn't want him to talk, but enjoy the moment and dance. While he's dancing with this girl he realizes that there was something special between them like it was fate that they met. There is this guy I like and recently found that he liked me. He fell in love with the nightcore version of this song with a certain picture to it.

It's nine on the dot, And we just talk and we talk, And i just want it to stop, Cause aren't we here for the music? And if you dare, Just get up out of your chair, Cause this aint goin' nowhere, We've gotta move or you lose it. All i wanna know, know Is when we're letting go, so We can get this record to break, break. Is shut up and dance Show me whatcha got, Is shut up and dance Are you in or not? You're moving your mouth Baby don't speak, Well shut up and dance If you with me!

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Nightcore Shut Up and Dance Want to Want Me Switching Vocals ?





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