Who is nate on the young and the restless

Nate Hastings

who is nate on the young and the restless

7/18/19 Nate and Abby

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Nathan fell in love with Dr. Olivia Barber. Nathan and Olivia married. Olivia's sister Drucilla was her reluctant maid of honor, since Dru had a crush on Nathan herself. Dru commiserated with Neil Winters, who also was secretly in love with Olivia, but Dru and Neil ended up falling in love.

Dr. Nathan "Nate" Oliver Hastings Jr. is a character on The Young and the Restless, who will be portrayed by Sean Dominic as of April 10, Nate Hastings is the son of Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters an adopted son of Malcolm Winters. In , Nathan Jr., "Nate," was.
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Nate Hastings. Thad Luckinbill. So, what do you think is wrong with Victor? Glad to hear Nate Hastings will be back on the canvas? Comment below. Victor is named Victor because he is the victor of all his plights.

The Young and the Restless Casts A New Dr. Nate

Nate & Abby 5/31/19 - The Young and The Restless

Nathan Hastings

Nate is the son of Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters , born back in After a series of child actors, the character was aged to an adult and played by Walter Fauntleroy in for a brief stint. However, as of the April 10, , episode, the role was taken over by Sean Dominic. Nate was involved with drama right from the moment he was conceived. Olivia was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but refused to abort her baby to save her own life, and in , Nate Jr. However, after Nathan cheated on her with a woman who could have exposed them all to HIV, she threw him out of the house. They all tested negative, but Nate was so desperate to see his boy that he kidnapped Nate!

7-30-19 Nate and Abby

Former mobster, Nathan Hastings, who became a detective with the Paul Williams Detective Agency, caught a shoplifter while working security for Fenmore's Department Store. Nathan ended up talking the judge into releasing Drucilla Barber into his custody and took her in once he realized another thing they shared-Nathan was once illiterate, too. Nathan taught Dru to read and be more ladylike, and eventually Dru fell in love with him. But lo and behold, who was Nathan's girlfriend? Olivia Barber, Drucilla's "perfect" sister. The sisters were reunited, but it was obvious no love was lost between them. Nathan explained that his heart was with Olivia.

The role was portrayed by Tonya Williams , on contract beginning in June , until agreeing with the show to drop to recurring status in She returned to the role in to In February, , the character appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful for two episodes, when it was revealed that her cousin is that show's Justin Barber. Currently, Olivia is a travelling lecturer for Doctors Without Borders. Olivia, an honest and principled woman, is keenly aware of the importance of doing the right thing and lives by the code words "duty" and "responsibility," however, because of this, she is often quick to judge those who do not live by the same morals. She is, though, also known for her compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

The role was originated in by Nathan Purdee , who portrayed the character until The character was subsequently portrayed by Randy Brooks , and was later de-aged , as evidenced by later portrayal by Adam Lazarre-White , who was nineteen years younger than both Purdee and Brooks. Nathan grew up with learning problems and, as a result, performed badly in school and could not read. When he was a teenager, he dropped out of school and joined a local organized crime family. Elwood and private investigator Andy Richards Steven Ford gather enough evidence to dismantle the local organized crime family , headed by Joseph Anthony Logan Ramsey. They receive assistance from one of Anthony's men, "Kong", whose real name is Nathan Hastings. As a result, Nathan is granted immunity from prosecution for his crimes.


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