The simpsons hit and run level 1 mission 7

The Simpsons: Hit & Run – FAQ/Walkthrough

the simpsons hit and run level 1 mission 7

Level 7 is the seventh and final level of The Simpsons: Hit & Run. can be seen as an extension, Level 7 is more of a restricted version of Level 1 and has several changes to The destroyed power plant is the focal point of the fourth mission.

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In The Simpsons: Hit & Run, missions are series of objectives that push the plot of the game. Each level has seven missions, adding up to a grand total of
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This page is a stub. Help us expand it , and you get a cookie. As the final mission of the game, you'll have to face off against the most frustrating mission. Much like the last two Alien 'Auto'topsy missions, you'll have to drive a barrel of toxic waste into the flying saucer in the school's playground. This time you'll be driving with grandpa in the WWII vehicle. It's fast, it flies far, and it's not very good at stopping quickly. First, you'll have about to drive from the school back to the power plant, although you'll have to worry about something else instead of time at this point.

The last level of the game which is set back in Evergreen Terrace where everything is Hallowe'en themed. Homer is the playable character. The mission begins inside the Simpsons' House where you have to talk to Lisa. Lisa is more concerned than Homer is he wants to watch the baseball match but goes out in search of supplies when Kent Brockman gets eaten by the zombies. Homer stops at the Flanders' House where you have to talk to Ned , persuading him to let you have is First Aid kit. You take it and head down to Cletus ' Shack and take the wooden boards in his drive.

The Simpsons Hit And Run Walkthrough Level 2 Mission 7 Cell Outs

[PC] The Simpsons Hit And Run - Level 7 Missions

Least Favourite Level and Favourite Level of SHAR.

It takes place on October 31, with the player reprising their role as Homer. Level 7 marks the largest change in map design the game sees; Springfield has become infested with zombies , its water supply has been completely replaced with Buzz Cola , and the aliens have left their mark on the town. Level 7 takes place on October 31, on Halloween night. With aliens invading Springfield and Buzz Cola in the water supply, bringing the dead from their graves, the level is a breeding ground for spookiness. Homer must stop the aliens from destroying the human race. He is informed of nuclear waste , the aliens' weakness, and must deliver as much of it as possible to the UFO before it's too late for humanity. Level 7 is set at Evergreen Terrace once again and reuses the same map that Level 1 and Level 4 use; however, while Level 1 can be seen as the "stock" map and Level 4 can be seen as an extension, Level 7 is more of a restricted version of Level 1 and has several changes to it than the previous two levels: The district of Springfield has been closed off from the player at both the drawbridge by the school and the nuclear power plant because part of the drawbridge and the piers underneath it have been damaged, and the ground underneath is missing it could have possibly sunk into the colafied water.

Park your 70's Sports Car outside of Ned Flanders house, pointing towards the slums location. Walk into the Simpsons' house and speak with Lisa. You must collect the supplies to help fend off the zombies. Quickly run over to the Flanders and jump the fence. Speak with Ned, and jump the fence. Get into your vehicle, as instructed earlier, and take off to Cletus's house in the slums.


Level 7 (The Simpsons: Hit & Run)




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