My baby is 16 months old and not walking

Is Your Baby A Late Bloomer?

my baby is 16 months old and not walking

“I think everything is more chilled out with your second child. “Some children walk at nine to 10 months, and others at 16 months or later. “For example, a month-old who does not walk but crawls actively is going to be.

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Anyone else? I looked at pics from everyone's babies in another post and they look so grown up. My daughter still refuses to walk. She can stand and cruise but not on her own. She just sits and crawls everywhere or shuffles on her knees! It's coming!

Why do some toddlers take their time before taking their first steps? Sure, it's thrilling when your baby sits up by herself or crawls for the first time. For a real showstopper, though, nothing beats that first wobbly attempt at walking. So when other tots her age are running wild and your child has yet to take a single step, it's natural to feel a little impatient. You tell yourself, "She'll walk any day now.

My son didn't crawl. The pediatrician said to not worry until James hit his first birthday, so I began a countdown of the days before I could officially freak out. James barely made the deadline, crawling 12 days before he turned 1. He took his first two steps across the playpen at 14 months, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief. But then he didn't take another step for four months. When your child is a late bloomer -- that's a sweet name for a kid who hits milestones later than average -- waiting for him to walk or talk can be nerve-racking.

How to tell if a late walker is a cause for concern

Cute 17 month old helping with chores

What to do when your toddler is a late walker

Your baby will hit many developmental milestones during the first year of life. These include learning how to hold their bottle, rolling over, crawling, sitting up, and eventually walking without assistance. You want your child to reach milestones, and you don't want your baby to lag behind other children of similar age. But a baby being unable to walk at 14 months isn't usually indicative of a problem. For example, although your baby is unable to walk at 14 months, you may notice that your baby is able to perform other motor skills with no problem, like standing alone, pulling up on furniture, and bouncing up and down. Therefore, you may witness their first steps soon. If your baby doesn't walk by the age of 18 months, talk with your doctor.

By Colleen Seto Jul 30, Photo: Stocksy. A week later, he started walking. Joanne Kay, a fellow Calgary mom, had a similar experience with her daughter, Alex, who barely took a step until she hit 15 months. She says she was more concerned about her first-born not crawling than when her daughter learned to walk.


14-Month-Old Not Walking: Should You Worry?





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